Park Eun Bin was praised for playing autistic roles so well

Park Eun Bin was praised for playing an autistic role, her new drama “Extraordinary Attorney Wooreceived a lot of positive comments from the audience.

Recently aired Korean movies are full of works filled with drama like Seo Ye Ji’s Eve, Suzy’s Anna or Kang Ha Neul’s Insider, etc. That’s why when a true healing work like Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Female Law) Strange Master Woo Young Woo) aired, the audience immediately gave it a lot of favour. The film revolves around the life of a female lawyer with autism, Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ), a genius in law, graduated valedictorian and is currently a rookie at a law firm. Right on the first case, she won the victory for her client.

With the female lead being an autistic person, the film has loads of funny, lovable moments revolving around the way Young Woo tries to adjust to his new life. The way she struggled to go through the revolving door, introduced herself on the first day of the job, or talked endlessly about whales with her new colleague, … all made the audience feel extremely interesting. Unlike countless other law movies, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is gentle, lovely and not too heavy on the subject, making the audience can enjoy it comfortably.

Park Eun Bin was praised for playing autistic roles

Audience comments:


-When I watch comedy dramas that focus on lawyers and prosecutors, it usually feels a bit rushed but this drama is totally healing, super funny, thanks to Young Woo I have more knowledge about whales

– I’m watching this and it’s really healing. Park Eun Bin is another top actor, and indeed, the acting is believable and worth watching.

-Lovely drama, Park Eun Bin’s acting is really good, healing is real

– Everyone must see it. The direction of the scene is beautiful, the implementation is also quick, there are also many funny details so it’s not boring at all, above all, Park Eun Bin’s acting is so excellent and cute.

-You won’t regret watching this, you’ll regret it if you don’t watch it

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Taking on the main role in the film, actress Park Eun Bin is also receiving a lot of praise from the audience. Playing the role of an autistic person, Park Eun Bin’s performance made the audience completely believe in the character. From expressions to hand and foot gestures, the way she speaks is very similar to an autistic person.

Park Eun Bin was praised for playing autistic roles
Park Eun Bin was praised for playing autistic roles

With the role of female lawyer Woo Young Woo, Park Eun Bin once again proved herself to be the name of the true school of the Korean film industry. Flexible acting and the ability to perform all kinds of roles have made Park Eun Bin very unique, multifaceted and outstanding among a series of actors of the same age.

The female star was praised for her excellent role in autism: It turned out to be the best beauty in Korean movies - Photo 6.

Also in 2022, Park Eun Bin once made a strong impression with the title of “the best beauty on the Korean screen” when appearing in the drama “the king affection“.

Park Eun Bin was praised for playing autistic roles

She is a bright face of the Korean film industry

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