Why hasn’t BLACKPINK attended any Haute Couture shows yet? Simply because they don’t like it yet!

Blackpink Haute couture: Is there any confusion? Or is BLACKPINK still not “qualified” to become the most respected name in the most high-class fashion show on the planet?

One of the wise moves, demonstrating the strategic vision of Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, and Céline, is to quickly “close” the ambassadorial position for the 4 beauties of BLACKPINK. With the value of a name that has a far-reaching impact on young people’s lifestyles of enjoyment, shopping, tastes… brand name.


BLACKPINK – the convergence of the golden girls of the high fashion village

If Jennie is considered an Asian beauty that awakens the haughty and clumsy nature in all products bearing the spirit of “Coco Chanel”, then she will receive the position of brand ambassador of the company in 2019; Lisa received two positions of Céline and Bvlgari brand ambassadors at the same time only a year later. More specifically, the long-legged land of the golden pagoda is also the FIRST character to be conferred this noble position after 75 years of establishment of the company. If this is not called class, then what is it called?


Blackpink Haute couture
I still know this is a business, but there will be no way that a dictator Hedi Slimane will easily confer the title to an idol with just over twenty years old.
Blackpink Haute couture
And remember carefully, that Hedi Slimane also put Lisa’s image on the catwalk, in each of his collections.
Blackpink Haute couture

Remember at French Fashion Week in October 2021, Jennie was the first person to wear a fancy red tweed design that fans had never seen. People searched, and ‘scoured’ everywhere to find the origin of the outfit. And then BOOM! Turns out this is a set of clothes that have not yet been released by Chanel!

Blackpink Haute couture

Once Jennie has been privileged to use services that few Chanel ambassadors have the right to use, it means that her power in the fashion house is not small.

Similar to the two women above, Rosé and Jisoo are also factors that “pick up gold” for Saint Laurent and Dior. According to shopping data iPrice Group – a price comparison site for Southeast Asia, consumer interest in Saint Laurent products has skyrocketed in many countries, notably in places where it has reached a high level. increased by more than 1000%. It is not surprising that after decades of establishment, the French brand “emerges” decided to recruit an ambassador from Asia.

Blackpink Haute couture

Rosé – a fragile beauty like a pure rose, a thin body that satisfies the aesthetic point of the Saint Laurent brand

Blackpink Haute couture

With a fashion house that emphasizes pragmatism and worships material values ​​like Saint Laurent, it is not easy for them to serve Rosé without a reason.

It will take quite a while to list all the unique specials that Dior has dedicated to “Lady Dior” Jisoo. The female idol once brought the fashion house a media value of up to 1.84 million dollars. Also at Fashion Week Spring – Summer 2022, the view of the company’s show livestream increased to 54 million views thanks to Jisoo. In that year, Dior became a trending fashion house with 8088 posts bringing total media value to a staggering figure: $39.1 million!

Blackpink Haute couture
Why hasn't BLACKPINK attended any Haute Couture shows yet?  Simply because they don't like it yet!  - Photo 9.

If Jisoo did not bring huge revenue to Dior, would the brand cherish her so much?

What does BLACKPINK’s absence at Haute Couture Week mean?

The influence of the 4 “Black Perfume” girls is well known, but somewhere out there, there are still many skeptics about BLACKPINK’s coverage in the fashion field. Especially when all 4 were absent from the shows of the past Haute Couture Week. Questions like: “Why hasn’t BLACKPINK attended the Haute Couture show yet?”, “What qualifications does BLACKPINK lack to attend the Haute Couture show?”… 

Is it true that they are lacking in fashion resources? Please no.

In fact, except for Saint Laurent and Céline which are two brands that do not maintain the Haute Couture category, neither Dior nor Chanel has sent invitations to JennieJisoo many times to attend the high-end show.

Why hasn't BLACKPINK attended any Haute Couture shows yet?  Simply because they don't like it yet!  - Picture 10.

It is not difficult to find “evidence” that Dior once invited Jisoo to the show

Why hasn't BLACKPINK attended any Haute Couture shows yet?  Simply because they don't like it yet!  - Photo 11.
Why hasn't BLACKPINK attended any Haute Couture shows yet?  Simply because they don't like it yet!  - Photo 11.

Remember, Métiers d’art is a show that is likened to Chanel’s legacy. This is an event honoring the industry and the works of the craft workshops affiliated with the company

So, BLINKs. If someone asks why you have never seen BLACKPINK attend the Haute Couture show, just boldly answer: DON’T GO BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE!

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