Adamas Teaser, Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye, And Lee Soo Kyung Involved In Complex and Mysteries

Adamas Teaser A comprehensive trailer for tvN’s new upcoming drama ‘Adamas‘ has been released.

Adamas tells the story of an older brother who is looking for the real culprit in order to clear their biological father who was framed for killing their stepfather and a younger brother who is looking for evidence of this murder, Adamas. It is a work depicting the truth-tracking of two and one twin brothers. The production team has released the main trailer that contains the counterattacks of twin brothers Hausin (Ji Sung) and Song Soo-Hyeon (Ji Sung) who fight against the huge forces of darkness.

The comprehensive trailer video lists the mysterious clues that the twin brothers have no choice but to move, such as ‘Mother’s Will’, ‘Anonymous Letter’, and ‘The Missing Killing Weapon’. it then hints that the truth the brother must know is hidden in a thorough conspiracy.

First, the story of Hausin, the younger of the twin brothers and a writer, begins with the phrase ‘a brother looking for evidence’. After receiving a proposal from the Haesong Group, he entered the mansion ‘Haesongwon’ and carefully examines their world, where the system that controls the world does not seem to work.

Then, with the leader of Team A, the secret organization of the Haesong group, Team A (Oh Dae-hwan), the eerie opinion that ‘suicide is better than disappearance’, and the inhuman attitude that regards witnesses as troublemakers, etc. Add doubt to things.

In particular, Haesong group daughter-in-law Eun Hye-soo (Seo Ji-Hye) said, “The more you know in this family, the more dangerous it is now.” Here, even the enraged appearance of Chief Choi (Heo Seong-Tae), who points a gun at him saying, “What are you?”, makes you wonder what kind of cracks Haesongwon’s existence will cause in Haesongwon.

On the other hand, his twin brother, prosecutor Song Soo-Hyeon, sets out outside the fence of Haesongwon to find the real culprit. Those who want to break the solidarity with the powerful Haesong group, saying, “Do you know how many presidents have been established in Haesong?” appear in front of Song Soo-Hyeon, and at the center of it, “I know. That person is innocent,” Kim Seo-hee (Lee Soo-Kyung), a reporter, draws attention. The question, “If you were framed, why did you confess?” makes Song Soo-Hyun’s steps more and more hastened.

It is expected that the twin brothers, who are two and one who will fight against the huge power of darkness, will uncover the true culprit and find the murder weapon. “Now it’s my turn,” said Woo Shin, who seemed to penetrate the opponent’s number, and counterattacked, “I’ll catch him. I am looking forward to the truth tracker of the two brothers, filled with determination and determination, Song Soo-Hyun, who flashes his eyes, saying, “For sure.”

Meanwhile ‘Adamas’ will be broadcasted for the first time at 10:30 pm on Wednesday, the 27th

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