Seohyun And Na In Woo face Another crisis, with the People Of Seodong Market In “Jinxed At First”

Seohyun And Na In Woo of ‘Jinxed at first’ face a crisis again. Jinxed at First, which will be broadcast on the 3rd, of August the people of the Seodong Market have changed after finding out Seulbi’s identity, and Seulbi (Seohyun) and Soo-Kwang (Na In-woo) are bewildered. 

In the photo released prior to the broadcast, Seulbi and Soo-Kwang are drawing attention to hand out invitations to the people of Seodong Market. They tried to invite them to the secret space, but the people of Seodong Market, who liked the two, were reluctant to visit Seulbi, raising questions about the reason.  

Meanwhile, rumors about Seulbi circulate, and another crisis strikes the two of them. The production team said in this broadcast that the way people in the Seodong market look at Seulbi changes and conflicts arise. He added. 

Jinxed At First Preview

Previously on “Jinxed at First,” Sun-Min Joon (Ki Do Hoon) held an emergency press conference regarding the “female shamans.” Seul Bi and her mother and Mi Soo (Yoon Ji Hye) stepped up to clarify the accusations, and even the people of the Seodong Market stepped up to defend Seul Bi.

However, the people of Seodong Market will drastically change in the next episode. In the newly released stills, Seul Bi and Gong Soo Kwang are trying to distribute invitations to them, but they regard the couple coldly. Their warmth and friendliness are all gone, and they remain more distant than ever.

The production team hinted that their views of Seul Bi will suddenly change in the upcoming episode, piquing curiosity about what happened. The producers teased, “Please pay attention to the rumor about Seul Bi and what kind of disasters it will bring.”

Meanwhile, episode 15 of ‘Lovers of Jinx’ will be broadcast tomorrow 03 August 2022, at 9:50 PM. 


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