Jenny captured on Instagram with a matching couple of accessories but this time it wasn’t BTS V…

Jenny captured on Instagram the’ ♥ ‘ couple system … But the other couple was not bts v. Last month, the same girl’s group Rosé and Jenny posted on Instagram on the 31st with a couple of items captured.

Photo of girl group Black Pink Jenny with the same mobile phone accessories The raised idol was captured.

Jenny Instagram
Just the same group Black Pink Roseda.

Rosé posted several photos on Instagram in the past two days.

In the photo, Rosé invariably showed off her beautiful beauty. But what fans noticed was something else. The heart-shaped accessory on the Rosé phone was familiar Because.


Below Rosé Instagram

Earlier, Jenny posted a photo on Instagram of Rosé in the same pose on the 31st of last month Posted. What stands out in Jenny’s photos is cute, unlike her usual chic look Heart shape was a mobile phone accessory.

Jenny and Rosé both have cute heart accessories as opposed to cool images The ‘Couple system’of friendship attracts attention.

Some Blackpink fans who saw this said, ” Rupstagram?”, “The phone looks like a couple of phones”, ” The coupling system is so cute You’re doing a walk,” he responded mischievously.

Jenny Instagram
Jenny Instagram

Meanwhile, Jenny recently leaked private photos of BTS, It’s steeped in Yeo-ae-seol. However, the parties on both sides are not offering any different positions



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