Big Mouse Episode 12 ratings were a hit, and The reaction was funny

The reaction to ‘Big Mouse’ is hot. ‘Big Mouse’ broke its own highest audience rating of 12% with episode 12. The 12th episode of ‘Big Mouse’, aired on the 3rd, recorded 12% in the metropolitan area and nationwide, breaking its own highest ratings. 

In particular, the scene where Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-Seok) mentioned the background of the NR Forum during a press conference soared to a maximum of 14.3%.

On this day’s broadcast, the story of the real Big Mouse No park and Park Chang-ho, who finally revealed their identities, was drawn. No park accepted Park Chang-ho’s offer and was arrested on his own. Park Chang-ho applied for No park bail. However, as soon as No park came out, he died in an explosion in his own shop, and it met with a shocking ending.

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Big Mouse Episode 12 ratings
Below is MBC ‘Big Mouse’
Big Mouse Episode 12 ratings

‘Big Mouse’ is a drama depicting the story of a living lawyer with a win rate of 10%, who gets caught up in a murder case that he accidentally takes on and becomes a rare genius con artist ‘Big Mouse’ overnight and digs into the true face of the privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy to survive. . It has been receiving explosive responses by breaking its own highest ratings for each episode. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.


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