Little Women Kdrama recorded an average rating, which is reacting as soon as its first episode air

The first episode of tvN’s ‘Little Women Kdrama, which aired on the 3rd, recorded a rating of 6.4% and was well received.

The TVN Saturday drama ‘Little Women’, which first aired on the 3rd, recorded an average rating of 6.9% for households in the metropolitan area, a maximum of 9.0%, an average of 6.4% for households nationwide, and an average of 8.4% for households nationwide. the drama tells about Three sisters who get involved in a case that leads them to fight against the richest and most influential family in South Korea.

The story begins when three sisters, Oh In-Ju (Kim Go-Eun), Oh In-Kyung (Nam Ji-Hyeon), and Oh In-Hye (Park Ji-hoo), who were living a normal daily life, have minor changes.

Here is tvN "Little Women"
Below is tvN’s ‘Little Women’
Little Women Kdrama
Little Women Kdrama

First, Oh In-Ju found the body of Jinhua-Yeong (Choo Ja-Yeon), who had been bullied at the company as well. The second reporter, Oh In-Kyung, followed the past track of the mayor of Seoul. The third, Oh In-Hye, who is a painting genius, found out that she had been paid by the friend’s mom while painting her paintings together at her friend’s house in her wealthy family.


‘Little Women’ is a drama about three sisters who are poor but grew up friendly, and face the richest and most powerful family in Korea in their own way. It is the work of writer Jeong Seo-Kyung, who has written the movies Decision to break up, ‘The Handmaiden, and the drama ‘Mother’.Meanwhile, “Little Women” takes over tvN’s Sat. & Sun. 21:10 time slot previously occupied by “Alchemy of Souls.” will it surpass the popularity of alchemy of souls? It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 pm.



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