Lee Seung-gi at all the butlers, Feel Confidence in front of a Urology Specialist.

lee Seung gi & all the butlers NCT’s Doyoung threw a fastball at Seung-gi and gave him a laugh. 

The SBS entertainment program ‘All The Butlers’, aired on the 4th, was decorated with a medical special related to ‘urinary glands, hair loss, and colon and anus’, which is one of the top 3 diseases that are embarrassing to tell others. 

lee seung gi all the butlers

On this day’s broadcast, Hong Seong-woo, a specialist in urology, said, “There is no place that has as many myths as the urology department.” 

He continued, “If something goes wrong in the process of urinating, you have to come to the urology department. You think that you have to take off your pants to see the urology department, but that’s not the case. You can find out through questionnaires and checkups. Of course, it’s different when you come for tuning (?)” He said and laughed. 


Hong Seong-woo said, “The myth that the bigger the nose, the bigger the penis doesn’t discriminate between the East and the West. Research data is coming out little by little, and the results are that people with big noses have bigger penis.” 

He looked at Lee Seung-gi and said, “When I see people with long noses, they actually tend to have large penises. But not all of them are like that.” At this, Lee Seung-gi made a proud and confident expression for some reason. 

Doyoung, who caught this, threw a quick ball, saying, “Seunggi-hyung’s expression is very bad.” Seunggi Lee gave a big laugh by saying, “I’m satisfied with today’s broadcast. I’ve got everything I’ve got.” 

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lee seung gi all the butlers

On the same day, Hong Seong-woo also shared the sadness he experienced as a urologist. Hong Seong-woo said, “While I was thinking about opening a hospital, a good place came up and I looked it up, and when I found out, he (the building owner) refused because it was a urology department.” 

He continued, “I said that I wanted to go to a floor with dermatology and tongue surgery, and I said no. I was so proud of myself, but I even wrote a self-introduction letter of three A4 sheets and gave it to me. 

In addition, Hong Seong-woo said, “Even when I was a bachelor, I had a three-to-three meeting, but because it was a urology department, I was forced to use kkakdugi. The urology department was excluded (even at the meeting).” gave me a laugh.

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