Watch Son Ye-jin PD Na Young-Seok kneels in front of her husband Hyun-bin

Hyun Bin, who appeared on a variety show for the first time after his marriage, and Son Ye-jin announce pregnancy news Hyun Bin’s appearance in the first variety show after the marriage revealed a lot about his Family

On the 5th, Channel Fifteen Nights released a trailer for the movie ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International, which is scheduled to be broadcast on the 9th, with Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Daniel Henney, Yoona, and Jin Seon-kyu.

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In the trailer, Hyun Bin promoted the movie, saying, “The scale is bigger and the action is bigger.” When PD Na Young-Seok called Hyun Bin “the most luxurious action machine in Korea,” Hae-jin said, “I can hear the sound. Ugh condensed uh condensed,” he said, mimicking a robot.


Then, during the character matching game, when the main actors solved the problem too well, PD Na Young-Seok knelt down and panicked, and part of the appearance of playing the game with an advance ticket was revealed.

In particular, Hyun Bin draws attention as it is his first appearance in a variety show after marriage to actress Son Ye-jin. ‘Confidential Assignment 2: International, starring Hyun Bin, tells the story of a North Korean detective, a South Korean detective, and the FBI who meet again to catch a global criminal organization and solve a case with their own goals. ”Confidential Assignment 2: International was released on the 7th.

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Meanwhile, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin got married in March and announced their pregnancy in June.

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