Kim Tae-Ri New Drama, recently  PD Kim Tae-ho, who finished ‘ Lee Hyo-ri Seoul Check-in’, Reveal the next project…

Kim Tae-Ri New Drama was partially Revel by PD Kim Tae-ho, who appeared on Zico’s YouTube, and the Next plan was revealed by Kim Tae-ho PD

‘Infinite Challenge ‘What do you do when you play?’ Producer Kim Tae-ho, who directed the movie, revealed his next content plan.

Hereafter YouTube "ZICO"
Below is YouTube ‘ZICO’

On the 26th of last month, PD Kim Tae-ho appeared on Zico’s official YouTube channel ‘5 minutes’ corner. In the broadcast, PD Kim Tae-ho introduced his new office and said, “Actually, when I go out on the air, I’m worried that Ms. Park Myung-soo will call me while saying, ‘Why isn’t Hal Myung-soo coming out?’ Please kiss me because I met you suddenly.”

Kim Tae-Ri New Drama

Regarding the production of the next variety show, he said, “We are making big plans for the year-end. I’m thinking of one thing that I couldn’t do because the size was too big. I’m preparing something bright that’s different from the survival shows that are coming out these days.”


Kim Tae-Ri New Drama

He said, “Utilizing HyoriSeoul Check-in‘, we send out plans when foreign stars come to Korea or when domestic stars go abroad.”

Netizens who saw the video commented, “I’m looking forward to PD Kim Tae-ho’s entertainment”, “I wish you could do something else with once again Kim Tae-ri”, “What’s going on with Zico’s cast?”, “Did Park Myung-soo really curse?”

YouTube "tving"
YouTube ‘tving’

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Kim Tae-Ri New Drama
kim tae ri instagram

Producer Kim Tae-ho added, “I recently watched the Earth Arcade, Transit Love, and extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Regarding the recent participation of actress Kim Tae-ri in the vlog, “Kim Tae-ri has a lot of energy. she ran three cameras non-stop for five days. she’s been talking about content recently,” he said, leaving a.

YouTube, ZICO

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