Big Mouse Episode 13 Preview: Lee Jong-suk is shocked by the appearance of the second person in the organization

The second person in the Big Mouse organization is revealed.

Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-Suk) will attend a funeral to commemorate Big Mouse on the September 9th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse’

Previously, Chang-ho Park caught the fact that Big Mouse, the king of darkness, was No park (Hyung-Wook Yang) and returned as a lawyer, receiving the spotlight. Park Chang-ho’s status, which has changed 180 degrees from when he was a former dirt spoon lawyer, was real. Here, he once again drew the public’s attention with his unconventional move by requesting the lawyer of Big Mouse, a rare genius scammer.

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Big Mouse Episode 13 Preview

However, as soon as Big Mouse was released on bail, an accident occurred in which he lost his life in a mysterious explosion. At the unexpected moment, the NR Forum, as well as Park Chang-ho’s plan to catch the person behind it, had no choice but to put the brakes on it.

In the published photo, Park Chang-ho is resolutely commemorating the deceased with a face that hides his grief at Big Mouse’s funeral. The memories of No park, who showed warmth as a roommate in the same prison room before he was Big Mouse, are not erased, so deep mourning can be read in Park Chang-ho’s eyes.

In addition, at this funeral home, members including Park Yoon-gap (Jung Jae-Seong), who acted as a close aide to Big Mouse, were all dispatched to the funeral, revealing the actual scale of the organization that had been veiled. In addition, Big Mouse’s right arm and second-in-command will appear here, giving Park Chang-ho a tingling shock.

Big Mouse Episode 13 Preview

Above all, the death of Big Mouse, who will be the biggest helper, is an unfavorable condition now that a declaration of war has been declared against a large power group that has eaten away Gucheon City, requiring a more detailed and thorough plan. Attention is focused on the fight between Park Chang-ho, who has been affected by the death of Big Mouse, and the ruling class in Gucheon. Broadcast on the 9th at 9:50 pm. (Photo=MBC)

Source: Daum

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