‘Today’s Webtoon’ Ha Yul-li and Nam Yoon-soo’s unrequited love are Contributing to the progress of the love line

Ha Yul-li and Nam Yoon-soo’s, The pomme of ‘Today’s Webtoon‘ stimulated Goo Jun-young’s heart. Ha Yu-li is active in the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’, showing tiki-taka chemistry with Goo Jun-young (Nam Yoon-soo) as a star writer and editor. Bomme is adding to the fun of the play by controlling Goo Jun-young with his unique stinging charm and ability to push through.

In episode 14 of ‘Today’s Webtoon’, which aired this week, Pomme noticed and encouraged Jun-young’s village, adding to the acceleration of the love line between Jun-young and the heart (Kim Se-Jeong). Pomme encouraged Jun-young to confess quickly and showed a cool side that acknowledges the charm of her heart.

Ha Yul-li and Nam Yoon-soo

This was an essential piece of advice for Jun-young, who is worried about her, and an important time to advance her love line. In this way, Bomme is placed in the right place to add tension and speed up the story development, contributing to the drama.

Ha Yul-ri, who plays this role, also showed a non-rookie side with her stable acting. She also added a sense of realism to her play by melting Ha Yuli into her character, as she boasted a figure that would have been in reality when she was dating. In addition, he is attracting attention with his friendly charm by melting into the work, adding to the expectation of what kind of activity he will show in the rest of the story.


Meanwhile, ‘Today’s Webtoon’, which has only two episodes left until the end, is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 10:30.



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