Big Mouth New Boss: The 2nd Big Mouse’s Fearless Move

Big Mouth New Boss: In the previous broadcast, the deceased No park (Hyung-wook Yang) designated Park Chang-ho as his successor, and he was appointed as the second ‘Big Mouse’ boss despite opposition from Kang-seong’s forces. 

Park Chang-ho, who unexpectedly became the head of a large organization and was struggling with whether the position was suitable for him, took on the mission of ‘Big Mouse’ to uncover the truth that ate Gucheon City with the support of his wife, Go Mi-ho (Im Yoon-ah).

Park Chang-ho, who decided to become a ‘Big Mouse’ by himself, continued with a more drastic step, although it was difficult to make a decision. He flattened Park Yoon-gap (Jung Jae-seong), who was an opposing force within the organization, and expanded the size of the playing field while expressing his will to run for mayor of Gucheon. 

Park Chang-ho’s daring plan to execute the operation in close proximity to Chairman Kang, rather than being content with just cutting the ‘tail’ of the NR forum, drew admiration.


In the released photo, Park Chang-ho visits Chairman Kang and is taunting him. As if he was the one who made the move alone in the face of an enemy that could lose his life at any moment, Park Chang-ho is taut in front of Chairman Kang, without showing any signs of hesitation.

Big Mouth Korean Drama Series: Park Chang-Ho taunting Chairman Kang
Big Mouth Korean Drama Series

In addition, Chairman Kang, who lives and breathes with his eyes, despite being a gray-haired old man, is also ferocious.

At the same time, Gucheon Mayor Choi Do-ha (played by Kim Joo-heon), who has been guarding the spot, stares at Park Chang-ho, who does not die according to his will, with eyes full of resentment, making the atmosphere even more brutal. 

In the midst of such a place filled with hostile figures, Park Chang-ho takes a step further and proposes a deal to Chairman Kang in an attempt to turn the tide of the market. 

Attention is focused on whether it will be possible to compete against Chairman Kang, who has about 100 serpents inside.

Big mouse new boss

Park Chang-ho, who has become a real ‘Big Mouse’, is pouring out a bombardment of the NR forum as if he had found his original place. Everyone’s attention is focused on the outcome of his plan to break through the core of power from a dirt-spoon lawyer to a real ‘big mouse.’ See Big Mouth Recap.

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