Big Mouth Kdrama Episode 5 Recap: The list Park Chang Ho is holding is fake but it doesn’t seem like this can hinder his victory

Big Mouth Kdrama Episode 5 Recap: In episode 4 of Big Mouth, Gong Ji Hoon (Yang Kyung Won) went to the detention center and asked Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) to name 5 clients he had drug dealing with if it was Big Mouse. Otherwise, lawyer Park will have to die in prison. With the help of Mayor Choi (Kim Joo Hoon), Chang Ho has a list of drug dealers, but surprisingly, this list is fake, it was created by Gong Ji Hoon himself to take down both Choi Do Ha and Park Chang Ho.

Big Mouth Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

The beginning of the episode 5 trailer is the meeting at the prison of Gong Ji Hoon and Park Chang Ho as previously scheduled. In front of the investigation room, there was also Mayor Choi. Gong Ji Hoon said proudly, “We are just spectators. Sit back and enjoy it’.

Right after that, when Park Chang Ho asked the person next to him in the interrogation room: ‘Do you know me?’. He immediately had a strange expression: scared, clutched his neck as if choking, and fell to the ground in the amazement of all present.

Next, it seems that the victory belonged to Park Chang Ho even though he did not know what ‘trick’ he used. He was present in the room of Park Yoon Gap (Jung Jae Sung) with a large suitcase of cash and directly gave the money to this jailer. Meanwhile Mayor Choi asked cryptically: ‘What do you mean? How far do you want to go?’ What is the reason for the withdrawal?’.


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In another scene, Park Chang Ho said to himself, “Those who consider themselves beasts and attack others. I will kill them all’. Along with the inner monologue is a series of scenes where 3 VIPs who harmed Chang Ho received a bitter ending in turn. Some fell from the wine table to the ground and was taken away, others were pushed down from the stairs, others were hanged like the first time Park Chang Ho was cruelly treated by these 3 guys when they intended to kill him. .

Despite doing many unbelievable things in prison and making Choi Do Ha think badly of him, Park Chang Ho still doesn’t want his wife to know about this. However, Mayor Choi made a comment: ‘Mi Ho is the most unhappy person in the world’. He also invited Mi Go out and revealed to her that: ‘Park Chang Ho is Big Mouse’.

Big Mouth Kdrama Episode 5 Recap

As for Mi Ho, she boldly went to meet Gong Ji Hoon and affirmed, “I have to save my husband. And find out the real culprit who killed Professor Seo’. Since the incident, Go Mi Ho has faced many difficulties and dangers, and this time is similar. She is seen watching the head nurse at Gucheon Hospital in the dark, the scene quickly changes to the scene where Mi Ho is attacked by a mysterious person, trying to strangle her in the elevator…

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Can Mi Ho get himself out of danger this time? Is Park Chang Ho really Big Mouse, if not, what did he do to turn the tide?

Watch the next episodes of  Big Mouth  airing at 21:50 every Friday and Saturday night on MBC.


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