The Law Cafe episode 3 Recap: Lee Seung Gi – Lee Se Young romance in the rain, the cafe has a murder?

In the Law Cafe episode 3 Recap, The TWICE girls group had a reluctant cameo Besides, a scary thing happened at the cafe.

Although every time they meet, they argue, but deep down, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young still care about each other very much. After stopping the client from committing suicide at the end of the previous episode, Yu Ri (Lee Se Young) is still quite shocked and blames herself a lot. Jeong Ho (Lee Seung Gi) couldn’t bear to see Yu Ri like that, so he comforted her all the time, saying that everything was not her fault.

In today’s episode, the two had a very romantic scene in the rain, after gaining the advantage in a mission. Jeong Ho shows affection through actions, while Yu Ri’s feelings are expressed through heartbeats.

When Jeong Ho put on her coat or lightly touched her forehead, Yu Ri’s heart immediately reacted by beating fast. However, Yu Ri thought that this was because she had a certain disease, but didn’t realize that she was shaking in front of Jeong Ho.


The Law Cafe episode 3 Recap

In addition, the TWICE girls had a surprise appearance in today’s episode. Specifically, in a certain segment, Yu Ri saw the young employee Bae Joon attentively wearing headphones while looking at the phone screen and also “adventuring” to the music, so she curiously turned her eyes to see. It turned out that the guy was engrossed in watching a TWICE performance.

When Yu Ri asked who this was, he replied that this was TWICE, and enthusiastically recounted that during a show, he was defeated by the charms of TWICE girls. Although it only appeared for a few seconds, this unofficial cameo of the TWICE girls made the fans feel very excited.

At the end of episode 3, after chatting with Jeong Ho and returning to the cafe, Yu Ri discovered that everything in the shop was in disarray as if a thief had just visited. More frightening, she also saw a large pool of blood on the floor. While in shock, Jeong Ho suddenly appeared and took Yu Ri out. After all, what happened to the cafe? Who caused that horrible scene?

The Law Cafe is a combination of romance, comedy, and law genres, of course, our characters can’t just be peaceful and happy day by day but will also have to face tough cases. , difficult.

In the next episode, it seems that there will be more romantic scenes between Jeong Ho and Yu Ri, and at the same time, our legal couple is also entangled in a new case. Let’s follow Jeong Ho-Yu Ri’s journey of healing love and solving problems in  Law Cafe  every Monday and Tuesday night


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