Big Mouth Last Episode revealed the tragic ending, and the audience simultaneously urged not to watch the last episode

Big Mouth Last Episode, may be full of tragedy. The drama ” Big Mouth ” starring Lee Jong Suk and Im YoonA is now gradually approaching the final episodes with tense details and the knots are gradually being revealed. 

The audience was indignant with the series of details revealing the tragic end of Big Mouth.

After a dramatic drop in ratings, Big Mouth quickly regained its form when the viewership rating of episode 14 rose again, reaching 10.6% (up 2.3%) according to Nielsen Korea’s statistics. However, the episode made the audience “unhappy” many times because it revealed many sad and tragic details that will take place in the last two episodes of Big Mouth. 

Big Mouth Last Episode

According to the development of episode 14, which was aired on the evening of September 10, Park Chang Ho (played by Lee Jong Suk) initially successfully entered the path of running for mayor of Gucheon, and at the same time gained the trust of the President. President Kang Seong-gun.


Not only Park Yoon Gap (played by Jung Jae Sung) – the former director of Gucheon prison, who is also a member of Big Mouse’s organization to trick Choi Do Ha (Kim Joo Heon), but Chang Ho is also the one to expose. Choi Do Ha is Jo Seong Hun – the grandson of Jo Hae Soo, the head of NK Chemical’s laboratory.

Big Mouth Last Episode

During Chairman Kang Seoung Gun’s funeral, Chang Ho pointedly pointed out that Jo Seong Hun was the one who killed the Chairman and promised to expose his tricks in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, another detail makes the audience “stand still”. Go Mi Ho (YoonA) was found to have signs of blood cancer when brushing her teeth with bleeding, when there was no blood in her nose, suddenly there was a lot of bleeding. Viewers’ suspicions are said to be well-founded when in a previous meeting with death row inmate Tak Kwang Yeon (Yoo Tae Joo), he asked about her health situation as well as the symptoms she was experiencing.

Big Mouth revealed the tragic ending, the audience simultaneously urged not to watch the last episode Photo 3

In addition, before that, when all inmates of Gucheon prison went to work in the secret cellar, they had to wear protective clothing and anti-poison masks, while Mi Ho rushed inside without any warning. which shield. This is said to be a series of evidence that Mi Ho was poisoned leading to a dangerous blood cancer. 

Big Mouth revealed the tragic ending, the audience simultaneously urged not to watch the last episode Photo 5

Although not sure about Mi Ho’s illness, the fact that the scriptwriter let the female lead constantly encounter storms to push the film’s pulse to the climax made many viewers disappointed. Many viewers also simultaneously called for stopping watching the last two episodes to express dissatisfaction with the writer. The majority of viewers also hope that the writer will not “turn the car” so that the couple Chang Ho and Mi Ho have to part. They think that both deserve a better and more complete ending. 

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