‘The Secret House’ Nam Heung-sik becomes CEO… shock at the general meeting

The Secret House’ Nam Heung-sik becomes CEO’ Jung-heon and Lee Seung-Yeon found Jang Hang-seon and were shocked.

In the MBC daily drama ‘House of Secrets’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 13th, Ham Sook-jin (Lee Seung-Yeon) and Nam Tae-hyeong (Jung Heon), who thought their lives were in danger, Nam Heung-sik (Jang Hang-sun) appeared at the extraordinary general meeting.

On this day, Woo Ji-hwan (Seo Ha-joon) was worried about the upcoming general meeting, saying, ‘If this is the case, the fleet representative will win’. Woo Ji-hwan checked if Nam Heung-sik was calling, but Nam Heung-sik did not answer the call. In the end, Woo Ji-hwan participated in the shareholders’ meeting with a worried heart.

At the general meeting, people at the company, who were sure that Nam Tae-hyung would become the CEO, congratulated him, saying, “Congratulations in advance.” Ham Sook-jin, who was next to him, found Woo Ji-hwan and looked at Woo Ji-hwan, saying, ‘After all, I can’t even bring Tae-hee.

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The Secret House Nam Heung-sik

Woo Ji-hwan raised an objection to Nam Tae-hyung’s appointment as CEO. Woo Ji-hwan said, “We cannot change the agenda on the day of the temporary shareholders’ meeting.” Nam Tae-hyung suggested that we propose a provisional agenda through a vote on the agenda. In response to Woo Ji-hwan who continues to oppose, Ham Sook-jin told Woo Ji-hwan, “What will you do as the CEO during the vacancy?” Nam Heung-sik said, “Here I am,” and took off the mask to reveal his face, shocking Ham Sook-jin and Nam Tae-hyung.

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