Little Women kdrama is captivating viewers with its rapid development and numerous twist & turns.

Little Women kdrama ‘Is Jin hwa-young (Choo Ja-Hyun) alive in Singapore after plastic surgery?’ Viewers’ reasoning continues as the episodes repeat, such as ‘Everything seems to be a revenge play by Won Sang-a (Um Ji-won) towards her husband Park Jae-sang (Um Ki-Joon)’. Those who entered the world of Jeongseo-Kyung do not miss the clues and short lines shed by the author and put meaning into the puzzle.

Little Women, which recorded a rating of 7.3% in the fourth episode, passed a third. All three sisters have become entangled with the devil’s den of evil, and in particular, In-Joo (Kim Go-eun) leaves for Singapore with 65 billion won in slush funds in her name, raising dramatic expectations.

Little Women kdrama

Writer Jeong Seo-kyung placed a lot of twists in the beginning of the play in ‘Mother’ (2018), starring Bo-young Lee, her drama debut, and fought with the viewers, but this time it was no different.

However, some scenes and unreasonable settings such as ‘Eum Break’ came up on the board. The wooden sword beating god who appeared in episode 4 is one of them.


It was a scene in which In-Ju got 2 billion won in slush funds from Park Jae-sang’s secretary, Go Soo-im, and then knelt and begged, ‘Give me 100 million won for my sister’s heart surgery. A pathetic person inevitably agrees to Go Soo-it’s mean suggestion, ‘If I’m a teenager, I’ll give you 100 million won’.

The price per unit was 10 million won, but viewers bitterly criticized this scene, saying it was an ‘impossible forceful setting’. It was a setting for her sister’s desperation to save her sister, and a link with the hidden villain One Sang-a, but it did not mesh well with the circumstances before and after, and it is a disappointment that it was improvised. At the moment when she was hit up to the age of 5 and was hit in the head with a wooden sword, the scene where Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-jun) and Won Sang-ah came one after another, accusing Su-im, and carrying In-Joo who had fallen was strange to watch again.

Another opinion is that the scene where Won Sang-ah asks In-hye (Park Ji-hoo), ‘Are you good at keeping secrets?’

I know the intention of showing the skills of art director Ryu Seong-hee, who has collaborated with director Park Chan-wook, this time, but it is pointed out that it would have been better to spend more time on the narrative and the characters. There was also a voice saying, ‘The secret space didn’t feel cool, and it was drawn like a fantasy, which reduced the realism’.

Episode 2, in which In-ju uses the X-file handed to Hwa-young to accuse a female employee of infidelity in the company, was also quite refreshing, but it was sad because it strangely overlapped with the situation in ‘My Mister’. Also, the image of Inju walking around the city center carrying a heavy backpack of 2 billion won was intended to show irony, but the effect was halved.

Despite some of these ‘snacks’, ‘Little Women’ is a drama in which a big, heavy guy is likely to get caught in a needle. Once you see it, it is going to be a swampy drama that is hard to get out of. This is because conflicts and rifts are foretold as the three sisters are trying to escape poverty, and a war for the life of a huge capitalist is about to unfold. I wonder how the artist will recover the vanishing point he wants to show through the solidarity of poverty and the rice cakes he has sprinkled.


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