3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Thriller KDrama “Blind”

The new tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Blind kdrama has completed preparations for the revision of the trial of death.

Blind kdrama

The new tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Blind’ (played by Kwon Ki-kyung, directed by Shin Yong-hwi and produced by Studio Dragon, Fantagio), which will be aired for the first time on the 16th (Fri), is awaiting trial to hide the truth of a horrific jury serial murder case. Therefore, we pointed out the observation points that viewers must know before attending the trial for a strict and fair judgment.

A fierce chase to find the real criminal in the fog!

tvN’s ‘Blind’ depicts a mystery thriller in search of the true culprit of a serial murder case that takes place against the jury after the trial is over. From the brothers Ryu Seong-joon (Ok Taecyeon), a passionate detective addicted to catching bad guys, and Ryu Seong-hoon (Ha Seok-jin), a perfectionist judge who values ​​law and principles, and Jo Eun-ki (Jung Eun-ji), a human-first social worker who is invited to a death trial as a jury. The three plan to burn their will to pursue to catch the real criminal hidden in the mist.

In particular, in various places in the teaser video released earlier, a sense of crisis towards them is heightening as black figures are captured in brutal killings of victims and watching photos of the faces of the jury. In addition, while the eyes of countless people, including brothers Ryu Seong-jun and Ryu Seong-hoon, who are looking for the real culprit for their own reasons, are focused on the real culprit, the pursuit of the three people who are trying to reveal the truth who is hiding in the fog raises expectations.


Blind kdrama

Why was the 9-member jury invited to the death trial?

In addition to the pursuit of Seong-Jun Ryu, Seong-Hoon Ryu, and Eun-Ki Jo for the truth, the jury who became the target of the murderer is also a point to watch. In the play, nine jurors, including Eun-ki Jo, are randomly drawn for a public trial. They are to determine the controversy over the so-called ‘Joker Murder Case’. People of different ages, genders, occupations and environments were targeted for murder solely because they were a ‘jury’.

This makes it difficult to wonder why the killer hiding in the fog chose them as a crime target. In the process of chasing down the true culprit of a murder case, tvN’s ‘Blind’ shows what the common denominator between the jurors, who seems to have no point of contact, is, as well as the nightmarish memories of the past that plague Ryu Seong-joon. The hidden truth of the case raises curiosity about what is the missing link.

'Blind'- Korean drama series cover photo 2

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Ryu Seong-joon, Ryu Seong-hoon, and Jo Eun-ki’s Fantastic reasoning synergy!

‘Blind’, which will stimulate viewers’ desire for reasoning with a mysterious jury murder case. It has a cast of actor Ryu Seong-joon , who has proven his presence through many works. Also actor Ryu Seong-hoon, a gentle charismatic actor, and an actor Jo Eun-ki with irreplaceable charm. From the news, hot attention is focused. As all three predicted perfect teamwork along with acting synergy through previous interviews, expectations for them are rising each day.

In addition, eight jurors with different personalities will join the trial to complete the death trial. This will raise the tension in the chase. Accordingly, the first broadcast of tvN’s ‘Blind’, will open up a new mystery thriller. The performances of actors Ryu Seong-joon , Ryu Seong-hoon, and Jo Eun-ki, is even more awaited.

tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Blind’, is arousing interest in the first broadcast with such various viewing points. It’s the story of ordinary citizens who became unfair victims and perpetrators who closed their eyes to the uncomfortable truth.

‘Blind’ will air on Friday 16th, September.

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