The Law Cafe Episode 4 Recap: Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young have their first kiss!

The Law Cafe Episode 4 Recap: It seems that the feelings that have been buried under the dust of the couple’s time have a chance to sprout again. The more they accompany each other through the cases, the more they find sharing and comfort in each other.

In episode 4 of  The Law Cafe, Jeong Ho (Lee Seung Gi) and Yu Ri (Lee Se Young) face a new case: child abuse. Accordingly, the mystery of the strange nightly noises emanating from the upper floor of the cafe was also revealed.

Yu Ri once saw a little girl in the mirror, but because it was dark, she thought she was mistaken.

As it turned out, in a nearby apartment, there was a little girl named Soo Ah who was regularly abused by her mother, locked in the house all day. Every night, she climbs out of the window and goes to Yuri’s building. Because she feels the cafe is very warm, everyone is happy together. longing for that warmth, which she didn’t get from my own family. The scenes of little Soo Ah are very touching, mainly thanks to the child actor’s honest, emotional acting.

Also in this episode, we learn that the person behind the horrible scare in the previous episode is indeed Lee Pyun Woong (Jo Han Chul). Pyun Woong is an evil person, but also has a pitiful side when he is rejected by his biological father, he does not even allow him to call him father, nor does he acknowledge him as his son. . Yet Pyun Woong was still smiling stupidly as if he was laughing at himself.

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Pyun Woong was treated badly by his biological father.


Lee Seung gi the law cafe actor was suddenly given a new title by fans

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From Yu Ri’s dialogue, the message that the drama wants to send to the audience through episode 4 is: family is indeed an important part of our lives, but it’s also only ‘a part’, not all of it. . So, if you feel hurt, abused in your own family, have the courage to find a way out for yourself.

Besides, after experiencing anxiety and fear together, Yu Ri felt more deeply Jeong Ho’s tenderness. At the end of the episode, the two shared a light kiss, making the audience both surprised and excited.

Through 4 episodes, it seems that  The Law Cafe is gradually entering the key content section. The episodes of episode 4 are also more attractive than those of the first 3 episodes. The rating of the movie increased slightly compared to episode 3, stopping at 6%.

According to the preview of episode 5, Pyun Woong seems to be trying to harm Yu Ri again but is protected by Jeong Ho, and Jeong Ho is Pyun Woong’s nephew. What will be the next developments of the film, please watch  The Law Cafe every Monday and Tuesday to keep an eye on it.

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