Actor Ha Jung-Woo: “I’m sorry for the illegal use of propofol.”

Actor Ha Jung-woo who was fined for illegally administering Propofol returned to ‘Suriname’ after a scandal and expressed his apology.

Ha Jung-woo had an interview with My Daily at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. The interview held on the afternoon of the 13th. He announced his return to activities with the Netflix original series ‘Suriname‘. Suriname was released on the 9th of this month.

Previously, from January to September 2019, Ha Jung-woo was accused of illegally habitually administering propofol. Propofol is classified as a psychotropic drug. He administered it 19 times at a plastic surgery clinic. There are also charges of complicity in violating the Medical Law by falsely entering the personal information of the agency’s representative and younger brother Cha Hyun-woo (real name Kim Young-hoon) or the manager nine times in the medical record.

Korean Actor Ha Jung-Woo

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Accordingly, the court sentenced Ha Jung-woo to a fine of 30 million won and a fine of 88,749 won. The crimes of each crime are not light, such as writing falsely. Especially, the guilt is heavy for committing the crime as an actor loved by the public.

Ha Jung-Woo’s Apology

Ha Jung-woo, who faced reporters for the first time after such a controversy, took the time to formally apologize. He said, “Last time at the production presentation of ‘Suriname’, I should have mentioned the unfortunate incident and apologized for it at the place that had been out for a long time, but I couldn’t. I requested it through the PR team in advance. Fortunately, it was done, but I would like to apologize for letting many people encounter such an uncomfortable incident through the reporters today. I will live my life more carefully and considerately so that it does not happen. I will once again say I am sorry.”

Regarding the reason for his belatedly speaking directly, he said, “From ‘Suriname‘ to the movie ‘Boston 1947‘, ‘Night Trip‘ and ‘Abduct‘, I am only sorry to all the production crew and everyone who was with me. I just had to take some time to get the rain shower, and I thought it was necessary.”

Korean Actor Ha Jung-Woo

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Ha Jung-Woo’s Explanation

In addition, he said, “The last year and a half or two years may seem quick in some ways, but it was the first time I had experienced it, and it was the first time I had spent like that, so it felt like a fairly long time.” It was the life I had always done, and that was my job. But this time, leaving the house was really strange and strange.”

He continued, “Everyone must go through trials, but during that time, I had a lot of original and essential thoughts. I thought a lot about essential things such as what I would do, how I would express my acting and participate in the work, what kind of attitude I would take, etc. It was not all about being busy. Deeply, I realized that I should have been more careful.”

Ha Jung-woo said, “In the case of 2020, I almost cleaned up. I walked a lot. The reality of 2021 was very difficult. When I was focused and immersed in the character, it seemed that the reality I was in was forgotten and I gained strength. Through this, I found something I lost. Ah, back when I first started acting, when I was filming ‘The Unforgiven’ and ‘Beastie Boys’ I found my initial intention, saying that the level of immersion was like this. It was good to look at the character again and to find concentration in acting.”

Korean Actor Ha Jung-Woo

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Ha Jung-Woo: Moving On

As he left the controversy behind and started filming for ‘Suriname’, Ha Jung-woo also left his thoughts, “It reminded me of the mindset of that time that was not expressed on the screen, so I couldn’t easily watch this work. It hurts so much.”

In particular, ‘Suriname’ drew more attention when dealing with drug materials. Ha Jung-woo said, “I also didn’t know that my comeback project would be ‘Suriname’.” “Before the opening, I had a very strange feeling. In the meantime, I met viewers. I heard tension and worry, but there was a strange feeling that cannot be described in one word.”

When asked about his feelings about ‘Suriname‘ being ranked in the global top 3, he said, “I don’t feel it. I think time will tell how viewers will accept this work and how they will accept me in it. As of now, it has not been long since it was released, and it feels like meeting reporters after two and a half years and starting over again.”

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