‘Narco Saints’: Surinamese government ‘legal response’ warning.

Narco SaintsNetflix’s original series ‘Suriname (Narco Saints)’ ranked 3rd worldwide in OTT rankings, predicting a box office hit following ‘Squid Game’.

It is a work based on the true story of the drug lord Jo Bong-haeng. The Surinamese government has mentioned legal action and said that the national image has fallen.

Pastor Yohwan Jeon (Hwang Jung-Min) is a drug lord in Suriname, South America who wields unparalleled power.

In Narco Saints, Kang In-goo (Ha Jung Woo), accepts a secret mission because he is accused of carrying drugs The mission is from the National Intelligence Service to apprehend the drug lord.

Based on Jo Bong-haeng, who was arrested in 2009 while running large-scale drug trafficking organization in Suriname. The Netflix series ‘Suriname’ has been a hit at the box office.

Ha Jung-woo < Narco Saints> ‘Kang In-goo’ role:

I thought that the fact that it originated from a real story has a lot of power.

Narco Saints Cover Image

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It is the first drama directed by Yoon Jong-bin, who directed ‘War on Crime‘ and ‘Beastie Boys‘, and the trustworthy performances of actors Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, and Jo Woo-jin are well received.

Hwang Jung-min <Narco Saints> ‘Yo-hwan Jeon’:

I bought a good book, but I liked it so much that I sometimes want to introduce it to a friend and give it to someone. The energy to move on to the next chapter is clearly in the work.

It has been five days since it was released. It ranked third worldwide in the OTT TV show category. Taking also took the top spot in 14 countries including Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

As global interest grew, the Surinamese government said it would consider legal action against the producers, as the drama portrayed Suriname as a drug country.

Narco Saints Profile image

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They announced that they would protest to the Korean government and the Korean Embassy in Venezuela also urged the safety of Surinamese residents.

Ahn Eun-joo / Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The Surinamese government has not expressed its position on the Korean government, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making continuous efforts to maintain friendly relations with Suriname.

Park Seong-bae / Attorney:

It is rare for a country to file a lawsuit against another art production company. In that case, it is rarely accepted because there is a fear that it significantly reduces the freedom of art.

As the drama ‘Narco Saints’ became a hot topic, the case of Jo Bong-haeng is also being re-examined.

Cho Bong-haeng, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of 100 million won in 2011. He was arrested with the help of a businessman and the cooperation of the National Intelligence Service. Also helping was the United States and Brazil. He currently resides in Suriname after being released from prison.


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