Big Mouse Episode 15 Recap  Yoonah finds out that Lee Jong Suk is Big Mouse

Big Mouse Episode 15 Recap Yoonah finds out that Lee Jong Suk is Big Mouse as He faces Kim Joo-heon during the election.
In today’s Episode  Go Mi-ho, figure out the identity of Park Chang-ho, After Chairman Kang left, Gong Ji-hoon decided to cut off Park Chang-ho. At that time, Park Chang-ho appeared in front of Gong Ji-hoon, and Chang-ho told Gong Ji-hoon that Chairman Kang did not die of a heart attack but Ji-hoon neglect his warning because he read the real Will which was Change by Cho Do Ha. Chang Ho Then said, “When the will is read, you will come to me first. Don’t come and ask for help at that time. You broke the trust first.” However, Gong Ji-hoon, who had already secretly read the will of Chairman Kang, did not even pretend to listen.

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Big Mouse Episode 15 Recap

Gong Ji-hoon ran down the road when most of Kang Seong-geun’s legacy passed to Choi Do-ha and Hyun Joo-hee (Ok Ja-Yeon). He immediately ran to Chang-ho and offered to support the election. Park Chang-ho assured him, “If he becomes the mayor, he can judge Choi Do-ha with only law and justice without expediency.”
Meanwhile, Choi Do-ha declared that he would run again for Gucheon mayor, targeting Park Chang-ho. Park Chang-ho saw the scene and said, “If this happens, I will make this election a grave for Choi Do-ha.”

Big Mouse Episode 15 Recap

However, misfortune struck Miho. Go Mi-ho went to the hospital. To the hesitant doctor, she said, She is a nurse. It’s okay, so please feel free to tell me the results of the checkup.” The doctor said it was a late-stage acute lymphoma and needed chemotherapy. Since chemotherapy requires a long time, Miho Go was shocked by the doctor who told her to prepare her heart.

Big Mouse Episode 15 Recap

Meanwhile, Choi Do-ha and Park Chang-ho were on the run. Park Chang-ho’s approval rating rose from 7% to 22%. Among the people who gave congratulations and smiled, Miho looked bitterly at everyone and wept.
While walking in the sea, Mi-ho  asked Park Chang-ho, “Are you a Big Mouse?” He said, “It’s true that he became a big mouse after Mr. No park died. Park Chang-ho, said that he had no choice but to only do it until Choi Do-ha was punished, instead, Mi-Ho said, she want him to be a good big mouse. A good and just big mouse who bullies the powerless and makes a good living by bullying them.

Big Mouse Episode 15

Then, Gong Ji-hoon revealed the true identity of Choi Do-ha to shareholders, but it did not work. Choi Do-ha and Hyun Joo-hee, who became the largest shareholders, even raised the issue of dismissing Gong Ji-hoon as CEO. Hyeon Joo-hee, deceived by Choi Do-ha, did not listen to Gong Ji-hoon’s story at all. In the end, Gong Ji-hoon made a plan to bring Chairman Kang’s son. Chairman Kang’s son committed serial murders but fled abroad after being framed by someone else.
It was Tak Gwang-yeon who was framed by Chairman Kang’s son. After Tak Kwang-yeon’s death, Tak Kwang-Yeon’s younger sister confided to Go Mi-ho, “My brother is not a serial killer. but my brother took the blame for my mother to get surgery.”

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Choi Do-ha met a prosecutor who had won Park Chang-ho in the past to get Park Chang-ho to drop out of the election. Ahead of the TV debate, Choi Do-ha blamed Park Chang-ho for the controversy.
Nevertheless, Park Chang-ho went to the TV debate to break through. What will happen in the final episode of this drama? Will Chang Ho Be able to take Choi Do Ha Down?


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