‘Blind’ Ha Seok-jin- “Ok Taec Yeon and Jung Eun-dancing on the set made me feel alienated”

'Blind' main cast The ‘Blind’ korean tv series actor, Ha Seok-jin confessed that he felt alienated because of Ok Taecyeon and Jung Eun-ji, who danced and sang at the filming site. 

On the 16th, tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Blind production presentation was held online. Director Shin Yong-hwi, Ok Taec-yeon, Ha Seok-jin, and Jung Eun-ji were in attendance. 

‘Blind’ is a mystery thriller that finds the true culprit of a serial murder case that takes place against the jury after the trial is over. It is a drama about ordinary citizens who became victims of unfairness and the perpetrators who closed their eyes to the uncomfortable truth. 

On this day, Jung Eun-ji talked about working with idol senior Ok Taecyeon, saying, “There may be bright days and down days on set. But, because senior Ok led the set, it was a comfortable filming site regardless of my condition. Breathing was good without ups and downs. He was a very considerate king.”  'Blind'- Korean drama series cover photo 2

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Ok Taecyeon said, “When actress Jung Eun-ji appeared on the set, the staff smiled. Everyone had their mouths hanging around their ears, so I didn’t do anything.” She continued, “While filming with Eunji, she became close by talking a lot, from when she was an idol to acting recently,” she said. 

Ha Seok-jin said, “The two of us danced and sang in the middle, but as a non-idol, I felt alienated.” He continued, “There was a filming space like a dark warehouse. The memories of them relieving the stress of a small space with dance and singing remain strong in my mind.” In response, Jung Eun-ji said, “No, (Ha Seok-jin) was the most confident in dancing despite being a B-idol.” 

Director Shin Yong-hwi said, “I was the only one who didn’t like it. I had to concentrate, but it was noisy.” Jung Eun-ji recalled, “On set, the director always said, ‘It’s noisy, be quiet’.”

‘Blind’ will premiere on the 16th at 10:40 PM. 

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