Kim Woo Bin claims to have recovered from throat cancer

After 5 years of fighting throat cancer, Kim Woo Bin said he has recovered from the disease and devotes all his time to the audience.

According to SCMP, after 6 years of having to temporarily leave the screen due to illness, actor Kim Woo Bin returned and was active. The information is making Korean fans pay attention.

In May 2017, the audience was surprised when Woo Bin said he had throat cancer. After more than 5 years of fighting a terrible disease, Kim Woo Bin returned to the big screen through his role in “Alienoid” – a new movie that was released in cinemas in Hong Kong.

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After that, Kim Woo Bin shared the good news to fans that he had been diagnosed with the disease. In the near future, Woo Bin will spend time to devote to the audience, making up for his temporary absence.

In early 2022, Woo Bin received the main role in Our Blues. Next, the actor starred in the fantasy film Black Knight.

Filming as a coincidence

Kim Woo Bin came to the path of an actor by accident. Initially, he was known as a model and often appeared at fashion shows. This is also the door that opens the door for him to advance into an acting career. In 2011, Woo Bin debuted as an actor in the series ” White Christmas” – a horror film set in a high school located on a high mountain, where a series of grisly deaths among students occurred.

At the time of the movie’s release, many people commented that Woo Bin was one of the rookie actors in the cast, but he performed excellently and stood out.

Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min starred in the series Our Blues. Photo: TVN

Kim Woo Bin’s name became more famous after his roles in the dramas School 2013 and The Heirs (2013).

Following that, Kim Woo Bin co-starred with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in the historical drama that was released to 13 countries and domestic audiences.

One of Kim Woo Bin’s memorable roles is the role of Choi Young Do – the heir to the Zeus hotel group. This is a role with a straightforward and intense character in love, so it has attracted many young girls in Korea.

In the space war, Woo Bin plays the role of the warden who manages the alien prisoners. In the interview, the actor said that this is the most challenging character he has during his time in acting.

“I feel excited and grateful. This is where I belong. I can’t forget the feeling of acting all this time,” Woo Bin said.

Success in many fields

Kim Woo Bin’s comeback this time is not entirely favorable because this is the time when the whole world is back after a long time fighting the pandemic. To ensure a dense working schedule, Kim Woo Bin is limited to crowded places to avoid infection. However, Woo Bin still had Covid right before his interview with Style in June.

Kim Woo Bin claims to have recovered from throat cancer - Photo 4.
Kim Woo Bin in the 2016 hit movie “Master”. Photo: CJ Entertainment


In addition to being noticed as an actor, Kim Woo Bin is a face that many brands pay attention to for the brand representative position. In 2021, Kim Woo Bin becomes an ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre. The actor said he is happy to be trusted by many brands. As an ambassador of the watch company, Woo Bin affirms that “on time” is something he always pays attention to and values, especially at work.

Source: K14

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