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Kim Tae Ri And Jin Seon-kyu Confirm To work together in the mystery thriller drama.

Kim Tae Ri And Jin Seon-kyu will star in the next drama by artist Kim Eun-hee with 13 Year age gap Jin Sun-kyu will play the role of Kim Tae-Ri Father.

According to the YTN star on the 30th, Jin Sun-kyu will star in a special SBS new upcoming drama “The Demon” Working Title.

Kim Tae Ri And Jin Seon-kyu
Jin Sun-kyu

In this drama Jin Seon Kyu willl have a cameo appearance as Gu San-yeong’s father, The man who can see the devil surrounds the five bodies When you open the door, you open the door with a woman who is a demon in a different world where there are demons.

Meanwhile “The Demon is a mystery thriller drama about a suspicious death. Kim Eun-hee, the master of the mystery genre, shows a tense narrative in each work The writer took over the script such as Kingdom Series making the drama worth waiting for.

Kim Tae Ri And Jin Seon-kyu
Kim Tae-ri / Hereafter News 1

Kim Tae-ri will take place around Jin Seon Kyu after receiving her dad’s memento. during the play, She plays the main character Gusan-young’s Father, who becomes embroiled in questionable deaths. Jin Sun-kyu is the father of Gusan-young and is decisive in leading the deployment of the pole Will play a role.

Kim Eun Hee
Kim Eun-hee Writer

Earlier, Jin Sun-kyu had a relationship with writer Kim Eun-hee through Netflix ‘Kingdom‘. In addition, she works with Kim Tae-Ri through the movie ” Win-ho.” The writer revealed that As long as she worked with them earlier and showed them a good Chemi, this time Special appearances are also expected to add synergy to the work.

In addition to Kim Tae-Ri, Oh Jung-se and Hong Kyung will also make appearances in “The Demon”. Oh Jung-se will play Yeom Hae-sang a family of resourceful people with ears and eyes that can see deities and a professor of folklore from his native country.

Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se, Hong Kyung, and Kim Eun-hee will create SBS’s new drama ‘The Devil ” which will be produced to air in 2023.


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