‘Little Women’: “A multifaceted villain” Uhm Ji-won’s Q&A.

Won Sang-ah (Um Ji-won), the final villain in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Little Women’ on the 9th. Won Sang-ah was always at the center of the constant reversals and shocking events. She knew that she had no intention of saving anyone, including herself, in the first place. 

An unusual round ivory that she would pour a ton of hydrochloric acid on and melt them all away. Uhm Ji-won, who was divided into this original ivory, showed a different charm from her acting so far. With a completely different charm from the characters in his previous works, she exuded the instinct of a villain. She directly shared her feelings about finishing the work.

Little Women Cover Image
Little Women Cover Image

● The following is Uhm Ji-won’s Q&A

Q. Unfortunately, <Little Women> has already come to an end. I’m curious about the ending.

I started filming last March and spent 6 months and 120 episodes with a person named ‘Won Sang-ah’. Thank you for loving Sang-Ah, who has many faces and hearts that he hates but cannot hate. First of all, I would like to thank writer Jeong Jeong-gyeong for writing such a good article, and director Kim Hee-won for his directing ability that does not require two words. 

Thanks to her good writing and directing, the journey to draw ivory and find it was as enjoyable and happy as a child on a treasure hunt. Director of Photography Park Jang-hyuk, who filmed with love. Lighting director Yoo Young-jong. Art director Ryu Seong-hee, who created a beautiful space where every set was moved. Thanks to all these people, I was able to become ivory. Above all, I am sincerely grateful to the viewers who watched ‘Little Women’ with love because you are watching the completion of the work. I was also happy to be a part of Little Women.

Uhm Ji-won
Uhm Ji-won

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Q. How did you feel when you first read the script? It’s been a while since you’ve played a villain since ‘Kyungseong School’, but is there any reason that led you to appear in this work? 

When I first got the script, I read up to the 4th part. First of all, the script was so much fun. There is not much ivory in the beginning. It rarely appears in Part 1, Part 2, and although the amount of ivory is not much, the character is very attractive. I liked the artist so much that I wanted to participate, and when I took over the role of Sang-A, I thought, “I can draw in a variety of ways.” 

After part 5, completely different appearances of ivory came out, and I thought I did well. “It would have been a pity if I missed out on this work,” I thought. For the next project, I thought I wanted to try a villain or a historical drama, but I started thinking that Sang-a is also a person with a mysterious inner side. When the roles are subdivided, the villain is a villain, but I think he is a multifaceted character close to a ‘villain’.

Q. You are a person who shocked viewers every time with unexpected twists and terrible evil deeds. What kind of person did Uhm Ji-won think of ‘Won Sang-ah’?

The writer said, “I think Jiwon is an actor who can understand Sang-a’s heart structure well.” He tried to express the emotions and feelings of ivory that change according to the flow of the play. He had feelings and thoughts that were out of the normal category as he was perverted by various events and situations in the past, but he thought that he was a character with the innocence and loveliness inherent in the character.

Q. As a human being, what part of this work and character was specially prepared or focused on externally or internally?

First of all, the thing that was very interesting while preparing the ivory was the costume. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the art team. First of all, I really liked the set, but he gave the characters a specific color. I gave Sang-a a color similar to blue and purple, and developed it with a stylist team based on it. The whole process was new and interesting. 

In the ending of part 8, there were scenes in which the colors were given in certain places. For example, yellow in the ivory outfit, red in the closed room, and blue in the warm room. I think it went well with the set as much as you decided on the color tone of her outfit. In addition to that, the clothes had to look limited, but the clothes were matched to the colors possible and high jewelry was used to maintain the luxury of ivory.

On the inside, the character Sang-Ah is a person with complex emotions and has a really diverse emotional system. Due to the schedule, before finishing the filming of the 6th part, I filmed the last scene of the 12th part, Sang-a’s end first. At the time of filming, it was burdensome to film the ending first, but I also talked a lot with the writer in advance, and after that, I was able to understand the character Sang-a better. On the other hand, I wondered what it would have been like if we had filmed that scene as the actual last filming.

Above all, the writing was so well written that he was absorbed like a sponge without any special effort, and it was fun and good to find the structure of Sang-a’s heart in his tone.

Uhm Ji-won
Uhm Ji-won

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Q. You acted as an all-time ‘villain’ through your work for about 6 months. Was there any aftermath after filming?

In particular, there were many emotional scenes in this work, but in fact, the filming ended and there were no internal injuries. Having been an actor for a long time, I was trained to let go of a character quickly. Just like sending that person away after a relationship is over, I put a lot of training and effort into sending him out as quickly as possible to become a healthy actor. Also, it is good for human Uhm Ji-won. After filming is over, I spend a lot of time doing various hobbies and exercising, leaving the character behind.

Q. If there is a scene in the play that you are most attached to or that leaves a lasting impression, please let me know.

There were so many good scenes, I’m sorry to pick just one, but the 8th part was the one that I was concerned about overall. Because it is the turning point of ivory, I paid a lot of attention to it. At the time of filming, he suffered from tonsillitis and was very sick. It was a very important scene for Sang-a in the play, but I have to rush to the hospital, take medicine, eat propolis candy, and have a hard time filming it in poor condition, so it is particularly regrettable. 

He also killed the prime minister in part 11 and said, “Why did you marry me? I’m not going to die for you.” The scene breaking up with Jaesang was the most heartbreaking scene. After seeing this scene, Sang-Ah came out of the closed room at the beginning of part 8 and said to Jae-sang. “You have to promise me. You will protect me no matter what happens.”

As Sang-Ah received the promise from the prime minister, the other side of her is revealed. She is so scary and painful that it remains in her memory.

Q. Standing at the center of a major incident in this work, the three sisters and her husband Jae-Sang Park were drawn against each other. How was breathing together? Are there any memorable episodes from the scene?

When we acted with Go-eun, we got along well with each other, and Jihoo was also very good, and her daughter Hyorin performed transparently. Actress Jeon Chae-eun is a very clean and kind person, and her sincere love for her ivory touched my heart. Actor Um Ki-joon was so veteran that he was able to act comfortably with confidence. Both Suim and Marie were solid actors. Everything was so good, everything was together, everything went well. It was a happy and blessed scene as an actor to have such an experience. Of course, the writing was good, but it was a scene where all the staff, including the director, had the pleasure of meeting with professionals in their field and doing their jobs so well.

Uhm Ji-won little women
Uhm Ji-won

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Q. What kind of work do you think <Little Women> will be remembered for for actress Uhm Ji-won?

I think it will be remembered as the work that best suited the actors and staff I worked with.

Q. Lastly, what would you say to the viewers who loved <Little Women>?

I am most grateful to the viewers who watched ‘Little Women’. It is rewarding when there are many people who see and sympathize with the dramas that people who make works as people who do popular art enjoy, no matter how much they like it. In particular, ‘Little Women’ was able to bear beautiful fruits because many viewers loved it. I hate Sang-Ah, who I was in charge of, but thank you for looking at me so I can’t hate it. I want to rest well and recover my physical condition well so that I can meet a work that I can fall in love with with a new look, and I hope to greet you as soon as possible.

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