5 historical Kdrama that will have your heart pounding with plots

The historical Kdrama genre has always been an attractive genre for me thanks to the fights and confrontations in the palace. Here is a Korean historical drama that I appreciate thanks to the heart-pounding details.

1. The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask

The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask is the film marking the first collaboration between Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So HyunBesides the couple’s beauty, the stories of the confrontations are quite dramatic, making me stand still.

During the Joseon Dynasty, the Pyunsoo faction was rampant and threatened the king’s son’s life. The king gave them control of the water supply. Meanwhile, Crown Prince Yi Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) grew up wearing a mask to hide his identity. 

One day, the crown prince escaped from the palace to discover the story behind his mask. While he was away, the Pyunsoo faction harmed his father, placing an impostor to succeed the throne. From here, the journey to regain the throne, power and status of the male lead officially begins.

I really like the unexpected twists that the scriptwriter put in the drama. Besides, Yoo Seung Ho’s emotional acting, especially in the crying scenes, successfully touched my heart.

2. Jang Ok Jung, Living In Love

historical Kdrama

Jang Ok Jung, Living In Love (Jang Ok Jung Love Story) is a film that brings many unexpected details, making me rotate many times. The drama is led by Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee .

The film tells the story of Jang Ok Jung (Kim Tae Hee) who is a lowly palace maid of the sewing room. Because of her low status, she worked hard to show off her sewing skills. Although she and King Sukjong (Yoo Ah In) have a romantic love story, the difference in class makes their relationship even more difficult.

The film made me sob at the tragic love of the main couple. Even in the end, the character Jang Ok Jung had to die with a cup of poison given to him by his beloved. Both had to be separated forever in injustice, shame, dissatisfaction. However, this is still a movie that robs the audience of tears.

3. Queen For Seven Days

Also a heartbreaking love story, the work Queen For Seven Days made me cry without tears before touching scenes. Even the film brings many surprising details to surprise.

The work is based on the true story of Queen Dan Gyeong of Joseon Dynasty. In the movie, Park Min Young plays the wife of King Jungjong (Yeon Woo Jin) . Their sweet love story really makes me and others look at it with admiration. 

But it was the power battle of the nobility that caused the talented couple to separate. Even Dan Gyeong was dethroned after only 1 week on the throne. The film causes regret when a beautiful love story is buried just because of the fights in the secret place of the palace.

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4. Love In The Moonlight

Unlike the films above, Love In The Moonlight offers somewhat brighter colors. The film successfully burned the screen in 2016 thanks to a sweet but also full of twists and turns.

historical Kdrama

The story is about Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) and Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) who meet in an unexpected situation. Later, Ra On became the eunuch of the crown prince. But few people realize that her true identity is a daughter. 

Besides the humorous situations, details such as the sudden departure of the crown prince’s mother, the disappearance of Ra On’s mother are also the circumstances that make me worry.

Or like the fact that hiding Ra On’s identity also made my heart flutter many times because I was afraid that the female lead would be in danger when her identity was revealed.

5. The Tale Of Nokdu

historical Kdrama

Quite similar to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds , The Tale Of Nokdu brings cheerful colors and difficult situations. Although the film was not appreciated by the public, I still think that the work has successfully brought moments of entertainment.

The drama revolves around Jeon Nok Du (Jang Dong Yoon) and his family being attacked by an unknown group. To investigate and make the wicked pay the price, he pursued and unfortunately got lost in the village occupied only by widows. 

Here, he was forced to disguise himself as a woman to blend into this village. There, he met Gong Gong Ju (Kim So Hyun). The two have become companions to find out the hidden secrets.

In my opinion, the chases and fights in this movie are really attractive. Not to mention, the fact that the male lead often falls into dangerous situations when his identity is about to be exposed makes me feel uneasy.

historical Kdrama

The above are five historical films that I highly appreciate thanks to the heart-pounding and unexpected details. What about you, which movie makes you unable to sit still? Remember to comment below to let everyone know!

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