Jennie (BLACKPINK) and the ambition to become a timeless icon

Jennie did not hesitate to talk about the “icon” model that she is aiming for in the future.

BLACKPINK ‘s Jennie is one of 6 stars who had the honor of owning their own cover on Elle Korea magazine on the occasion of this magazine’s 30th anniversary. In an interview with Elle , the female idol shared her honest thoughts when it came to her views on a true icon.

“A person is considered an icon when they have their own opinions and thoughts”, Jennie replied, “I think you should only be called an icon when you have the ability to ask questions through your own perspective. instead of just answering them, or just answering what people want to hear.”

Jennie herself until now has always been considered an icon in Korea. However, it seems that the female idol born in 1996 has more ambition than that.

Image of Jennie (BLACKPINK) on Elle magazine special issue (Photo: Elle)

“I think I’m a symbol of memory. I like to be an icon that not only represents an era but is also remembered by the public forever,” said Jennie.

After affirming her position in the fields of music and fashion, Jennie also tried her hand at a completely new role, that of an actress. The BLACKPINK member has decided to make her debut with a Hollywood movie called The Idol. The film also features many famous stars, including The Weeknd, Johnny Depp’s daughter – Lily-Rose and promising vocalist Troye Sivan. In addition, the film is also expected to make a big splash when the director of the film is Sam Levinson – the man behind the success of Euphoria.

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Referring to this experience, Jennie shared, “Filming is really a challenge. I have to get used to a new environment, it’s an experience that I’ve never had during the time of music promotion. I believe that this job will help a lot in my life and also my idol work.”


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