Lee Jong Suk is Covid19 Positive and All his schedules canceled

Lee Jong Suk is Covid19 Positive. TOn the 21st, an official from his agency, Hijium Studio, told My Daily, “On the 20th, Lee Jong-suk tested positive on his self-diagnosis kit, so he immediately went through a PCR test and was finally tested positive today.”

Lee Jong-suk has canceled all scheduled events and is concentrating on self-isolation and treatment according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities,” it added.

Lee Jong Suk is Covid19 Positive

The stage greeting of the movie ‘Decibel’ (director Hwang In-ho) starring Lee Jong-seok, which was released on the 16th, was also canceled. Earlier on the 20th, Mindmark, the production company, said through its official account, “A staff member showed symptoms of a cold and conducted an additional kit test, and during this process, the positive test was confirmed for the staff for the first time.” , and Lee Jong-suk’s positive reaction was confirmed.”

According to this, except for Lee Jong-suk, the other actors were all negative as a result of the self-kit test.

Meanwhile, ‘Decibel’ is a sound terrorism action film about a bomb designer (Lee Jong-suk) who wants to take over the city center with a special bomb that explodes the moment the noise gets louder, and his target, a former vice-captain (Kim Rae-won).

Source: Daum

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