Lee Seung Gi secretly married his girlfriend in the middle of a noisy management company for 18 years.

Lee Seung Gi married the love story of a national son-in-law’ and ‘daughter the Lee Couple met with many ups and downs when publicly dating.

According to Korean media recently, the couple Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In recently attended the first birthday party of an acquaintance’s child.

Accordingly, the two showed unchanging affection for each other during the birthday party, which was attended by some mutual friends. The couple impressed everyone with their bright smile and always cared about each other. This move of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In as implicitly denied the previous breakup rumours in August last year and said that the relationship between the two is stable.

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Previously, former entertainment reporter and YouTuber – Lee Jin Ho posted on his personal channel revealing that the couple had quietly registered their marriage. This person also said that Lee Seung Gi bought a detached house in Seongbuk-dong for more than 5.6 billion won in 2020.

After Lee Seung Gi renewed his contract with Hook Entertainment, this house was registered as a business place of a private company and the CEO named Lee Ju Hee – Lee Da In’s real name. This raises the suspicion that this is the house the couple bought to live in after getting married.

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Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In officially announced their love in May last year. The image of this Korean star couple dating has received a lot of attention from the public. However, many netizens immediately objected to this love story after learning about Lee Da In’s background.

The “National Groom” once shared: “Since the dating news was posted in 2021, my personal life and views have not changed anything. Therefore, I do not comment on this further because I do not feel it is necessary. I’m sorry if there’s something that upsets people about this.”

‘Moreover, I’m worried if our communication and story go viral, it will turn into misrepresentational rumours. That can hurt a lot of people and be used as gossip for someone. So I hope people understand why I’m tight-lipped when asked for clarification,’ he continued.

The love story of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In caught attention right after the management company Hook Entertainment stole his salary during many years of singing.

Previously, the media revealed that actor Lee Seung Gi’s side had sent a certificate of content to Hook Entertainment – the management company and requested to disclose transparent payments related to the actor. “The settlement has problems and we ask the company to be transparent,” representative Lee Seung Gi confirmed.

In response, Hook Entertainment’s side made an announcement, “Hook Entertainment has received the content certification from Lee Seung Gi and is reviewing the relevant data and preparing an appropriate response.”

Source: Tiin

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