Curtain Call Ha Ji-won – Kwon Sang-woo, unusual air current “great change of heart”

‘Curtain Call’ An unusual atmosphere flows in the romance between Ha Ji-won and Kwon Sang-woo. ‘Curtain Call‘, which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:50 pm, Park Se-Yeon (played by Ha Ji-won) and Dong-Jae Bae (played by Kwon Sang-woo), who were running parallel lines of romance, spend time alone together. is depicted sending

The stills released ahead of the main broadcast show Park Se-Yeon and Bae Dong-je having a meal together at a restaurant. Just like the visual couple of Hotel Nakwon, the two shots of a handsome man and woman stand out with their sophisticated yet dandy charms.

Curtain Call Ha Ji-won Kwon Sang-woo
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In particular, the dinner this evening draws attention in that it is a place that Park Se-Yeon reserved directly for Bae Dong-je. It arouses curiosity about the development of the drama as to why Park Se-Yeon, who was not usually by her side, suddenly changed her attitude and became kind to Bae Dong-je. During her meal, she has a stiff expression due to her words, which stimulates curiosity about her story.

The production crew of ‘Curtain Call’ said, “Park Se-Yeon, who always pushed back Dong-je Bae who was actively approaching, reserved a restaurant and spent time with her is an act that shows a big change of heart.”


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