Kim Se-jeong is shyly certified as glamour Wearing a red dress that is perfect on her body

Singer and actress Kim Se-jeong revealed the approaching winter with her beautiful looks. On December 7, Sejeong Kim posted several photos of her recent situation on her personal SNS.

In her photo, Kim Sejeong is wearing a red off-the-shoulder dress with her fireplace and Christmas tree in the background.

She boldly reveals her shoulder line and her coy glamour figure also draws attention with her boasting. Kim Sejeong boasts a doll-like visual with her immaculate skin and large features that contrast with her red dress. A bright smile is also a point that shakes the hearts of viewers.


Netizens who saw this commented, “The red colour suits her so well”, “She looks like a fairy in the forest”, and “I want to see her in her next work soon”.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong performed passionately in the role of ‘On Ma-Eum’ in the SBS drama ‘Today’s Webtoon’, which ended last September.

In November, she held her first Asian fan meeting and met and communicated with her global fans. 

Source: Naver

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