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Hyun bin and Seo ye jin May Return with another drama.

Hyun bin and Seo ye jin May Return with another drama.
It was recently confirmed by their agency that Hyun bin and son ye Jin are dating.
Hyun Bin born as Kim Tae-Pyung in Songpa District, Soul.
He firstly gained wide recognition for his role in the 2005 romantic comedy TV Drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon.
Since then, he has appeared in leading roles in other successful television shows including Secret Garden, Memories of the Alhambra and Crash Landing On you.

My thoughts ( Soon to watch crashlanding on you) ?

One of the best twists of Kdrama Land is for the two main characters to fall in love while filming.
Sometimes it ended as rumours while sometimes the have to believe it to promote their drama.
Occasionally the romantic relationship ended immediately after the filming is over, while others take some years to break up.
It’s so different In the case of Hyun bin and Seo ye Jin which makes the heart of their fans flutter.
This News broke 1st January 2021 by the Actors, it was revealed that the two met through their projects and develop positive feelings towards one another which Results into a romantic relationship.
To think Crash landing on you is commercial break did you think we will see Season 2 Soon ?
Will Netflix use this opportunity to create another season?

Let’s take a look at Hyun bin leading Actress and their loved Story.

Hyun Bin and Han Ji-Min

hyun bin and han ji min
hyun bin and han ji min

These two work together in hyde Jekyll, in 2015 they shared a special romantic moment. The series was also the first comeback for both Hyun Bin’s and Han Ji-min but were on break for some time.
In the series Hyun bin has a split personality, Ji min  Share a lot of Kissing moment with one of his personal Robin.
Not only is Hyun-bin and Ji-min’s love story interesting in ‘Hyde, Jekyll, Me‘, but behind the scenes both of them have to act out some interesting scenes. Both of them are often caught joking and laughing together. They also look adorable together no wonder their acting look so natural.

Hyun Bin and Ha ji Won in Secret Garden 2010.

Hyun Bin and Ha ji Won in Secret Garden 2010.
Hyun Bin and Ha ji Won in Secret Garden 2010.

OMG! This is one of The second best Kdrama on my list after Yisan.
Secret Garden was a huge ratings’ success, with an estimation of more than 20 billion won worth of economic effect.
Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won showed undeniable chemistry that made everyone think that they might actually be in a relationship. There’s a four-year age difference between the actors, and Ha Ji-won is older than Hyun Bin. Even so, they seemed to have strong bonds as lovers in the drama and afterward.

Hyun Bin and Park Shin Ye  in “Memories of the Alhambra.”

hyun bin and park shin ye
Hyun Bin and Park Shin Ye

Park Shin Hye has shown off great chemistry with many handsome actors such as Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Rae Won in “Doctors,” and Hyun Bin in “Memories of the Alhambra.”
Though the Actors look cute together in the drama but there not any aligned rumors about them being in relationships.

Finally, Hyun bin and Seo Ye-jin in Crash landing on you

Our first gift of 2021 in Drama land is Binjin Couple, the first couple of 2021.
They met at the set of Crash landing On you, One of the best Korean dramas of 2020, from drama land dream to real-life Love.
Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give, here at mydramafans we said, Congratulations Binjin. 

Watch Crash landing On you

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