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“Dear. M” -Lee Jin-hyuk, in charge of hygiene for male dormitory room 203!

In “Dear. M,” Lee Jin-hyuk and Woo Da Vi build an axis of fun with the wrong encounter between a love master and a sloppy.

While many rising stars such as Park Hye-soo (playing Ma Ju-Ah), Jeong Jae Hyun (playing Cha Min-ho), Noh Jung-UI (playing Seo Ji-min), and Bae Hyun-sung (playing Park Ha-neul) are drawing attention, expectations are high for the performances of Lee Jin-hyuk (playing Gil Mok-jin) and Woo Da-Vi (playing Hwang Bo-young), the guidebook for their romance.
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Dear m 1
Dear M

First of all, Lee Jin-hyuk is a third-year psychology major and is the roommate of Cha Min-ho and Park Ha-neul and the eldest brother in Room 203.
He is known as a serial cleaner because of his hobby and specialty in organizing his cloth. Nevertheless, I wonder how Lee Jin-hyuk will pull off the bubbly charm of Gil Mok-jin, who plays the role of a mood maker.

On the contrary, Hwang Bo-young, who will be played by Woo Da-bi, is not a psychology major, but she is the owner of deep inner workings who keenly recognize subtle emotions and becomes the moral supporter of Park Hye-soo and Seo Ji-min (Roh Jung-eun). She raises questions about how it will affect Ma Ju-ah, who begins her first love, and Seo Ji-min, who is in a fiery relationship.    

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“Dear M” is expected to have more interestingly portrayed the emotional lines that push and pull between flirting and dating through characters, such as Gil Mok-jin and Hwang Bo-young, who are both goods at psychology and quiet Jae-ya’s master. He plans to reflect on the romance of his dormitory life through love counseling at his dorm every night.        

Above all, the relationship between Gil Mok-jin and Hwang Bo-young is also drawing keen attention as they are also predicting that they will start a special relationship through special happenings.

Viewers’ expectations are also rising day by day for “Dear M,” which will provide plenty of fun with various characters. KBS 2TV’s special Friday drama “Dear. M,” which will spread pink romance in the first half of 2021, will premiere at 11:10 p.m. on Friday, the 26th.    


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