Hello, It’s Me! -Actor Kim Young-Kwang has transformed himself into a young man who is a genius

Kim Young-Kwang has transformed himself into a young man who is a genius behind the scenes and is going to bomb his charm in Hello, It’s Me!

Hello, It's Me
Hello, It’s Me Poster

“Hello, It’s Me!” is a fantasy-growth romantic comedy-drama that will comfort You by seeing the 37-year-old main character, Ban Hani (Choi Kang-hee), who was not afraid of anything in the world and was passionate about everything. The first episode will begin at 9:30 p.m. on February 17.

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Kim Young-Kwang plays Han Yoo-Hyun, a third-generation Cho Ah-je who lives his life as the most golden spoon in the drama, and a free soul who never grows up like Peter Pan of Neverland. The only goal of life is to have fun and do what he wants to do, and if you can’t enjoy it, avoid it, but through meeting Hani, he is a bluebird attractive guy who starts to look for dreams at the age of 30 or a little later.


Yoo Hyun’s charm is that he sometimes shows a humble appearance to get what he wants without being discouraged in his relationship with anyone, and on the contrary, he becomes a genius of push and pulls with plenty of flesh.
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“Hello, It’s Me!” Video Preview

In the preview video released earlier, Yoo Hyun-Hyun, a third-generation tycoon who whines that he wants to eat chicken and beer, proudly asking Hani, who is living off-season of his life, to pay 10,000 won more for his meal, nevertheless gives off the scent of a “debt fairy,” heralding the advent of a charm bomber. The restrictions do not. If there is anything you want to do, Yoo-Hyun, who has become proficient in all kinds of sports, hobbies, and foreign languages, is expected to turn the small screen into a naive one with his cheerfulness.

On the other hand, “Hello, It’s Me!” is a highly anticipated film by KBS in 2021, which is expected to be a gentle but powerful message of courage and self-positive that no one but I will gain from comforting myself.
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In addition to Kim Young-Kwang, Choi Kang-hee, a master of emotional acting who is gaining trust and support from an age group, Ire, who is writing impressive filmography in various works that are so diverse that he forgets his young age, and Eum Moon-Seok, who is drawing attention for his crazy character digestion in each work, Let’s wait and see how the drama will hit the Small Screen

“Hello, It’s Me!” will premiere on KBS 2TV on February 17, 2021.
Photo Credit = KBS 2TV’s “Dear. M”


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