“Mr. Queen” Epi-17 King Cheoljong showed his paternal love toward the second generation.

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Mr. Queen” Kim So-Yong who was pregnant with the child of Cheoljong, was seen having difficulty in prenatal education.
Kim So-Yong, who had a lot to protect after the meeting, began to complain of extreme frustration and just then Cheol-jong appeared on horseback, drawing attention.
In the process of discussion with the Queen, Cheoljong has promised to cut out the rotten parts of Joseon for the sake of their unborn child.
Kim So-Yong, who was quietly listening to the story, said, “When this child becomes a king and inherits the throne, I’m the most powerful man in power? Why didn’t I think of that? Everything is mine. Let’s go back. Let’s go back and do the real prenatal education,” he hummed.

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Mr. Queen Episode 17 Preview

In the last episode, Kim So-Yong was, embarrassed by the news of her pregnancy.
In today’s episode, Queen Cheorin was seen in a flurry of pregnancy and rumors. When Kim se-young heard about the pregnancy She said, “This is the destruction of identity. I’m a non-marriages, and I’m pregnant,” as a result the news becomes known to the place.
Meanwhile, rumors spread in the palace that King Cheoljong and the Queen had a fake joint. Upon learning about this, Kim So-Yong said, “Where did the rumor come from?” and showed strong affection in Cheoljong and outdoors. Cheoljong declared head-on to the rumor, “We will enter a confrontation later for our relationship.”
Cho Hwa-jin (Seol In-ah) suspected Cho Dae-bi as the epicenter of the rumor. “Thanks to Bin’s words, we were able to create such a rumor,” Cho said. Cho said, “I’m scared that I was becoming more like the Queen Mother. I’ll write down everything I’ve done to prepare for the past,” he said, clearing up his relationship with Cho.
The rumor reaches Queen Sun-won Were She as Kim Byung-in to Bring her the Queen’s neck that it’s a Family Other.
Out of Love Kim Byung-in visited Cheoljong and suggested that he overcome the rebellion of his comrade to silence rumors and protect Kim So-Yong, and Cheoljong eventually headed to the battlefield to calm the people’s rebellion.


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But this was never out of Love rather it’s a trap set by Kim Byung-in.
Why did you think Kim Byung-in is trying so hard to become the King’s enemy?
Let’s out your thoughts in the comment section below


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