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Song Joong-ki reunited with director Cho Sung-hee, since 2013

Actor Song Joong-ki has reunited with director Cho Sung-hee for the first time in a long time since “Wolf Boy” was released in 2013. He looked mean, but he was still pure.

“Space Sweepers” is the story of crew members of the space junk ship jumping into a dangerous deal after discovering Dorothy, a human-type robot known as a weapon of mass destruction, in 2092.
It was director Jo Sung-hee, who was preparing for the “Space Sweepers” project when filming “Wolf Boy.” Song Joong-ki, who heard about the “Space Sweepers” project at the time, said he vaguely thought it would be fun. It was Song Joong-ki who received a formal proposal 10 years after hearing the story.
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Song Joong-ki and Jo Sung-hee, who were reunited in “Space Sweepers,” were the second tasks. Song Joong-ki said, “It’s my second work with the director, but I don’t think he’s ever given me a great role. “Inside, they are pure and neat characters, with oil on their dirty faces in the movies and dirt on ‘Wolf Boy.’ Appearance doesn’t matter. That’s why I like Jo Sung-hee’s work.”
Song Joong-ki plays the role of Kim Tae-ho, a space junker in the play. Kim Tae-ho is a former ace of the UTS mobile squad. After falling to the bottom in a moment from the top, he became Space Sweepers’ pilot, desperately trying to make money.

When I saw the scenario and thought of Taeho, the first word that came to my mind was “Giving up”. the actor said, “I started filming thinking that I was a thoughtless and stagnant person who put everything down in my life.”


The actual state of Song Joong-ki’s mind and Tae-ho’s expression were similar. He explained, “Taeho as a person who gets the courage and will to grab the string of life by meeting the crew in desperation after many twists and turns.”

Song Joong-ki

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His appearance was a nasty Song Joong-ki, but inside he kept a clean and pure look. He expressed his wish to work with Cho Sung-hee again after the Movie. “If the director isn’t tired of me, I want to work with him again,” he said. It may or may not be realized, but the third work of director jo Sung-hee and Song Joong-ki arouses curiosity about what they will look like.

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