“Drama Festa: Off Route” Nam Ji-Hyun’s Sobbing in wedding dress Why?

JTBC New Upcoming drama “Drama Festa: Off Route” release its first teaser video, announcing the start of a comic drama.

“Drama Festa: Off Route is a comic drama in which a mother and daughter chase the groom who ran away with the back of their heads on the wedding day.
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The first teaser video, released on March 15, marked the start of the wedding day of bride Kang Soo-ji (Nam Ji-Hyun), who was crying in a car is seen wearing a wedding dress in full make-up.
On a day that should be the most beautiful, happy day why is she crying sadly. As soon as she was about to get involved in such a sad feeling, a message saying, “If you get caught, you’ll die,” and the mean expression of the prospective groom, Koo Sung-chan (Kim Bum-soo), is captured, drawing laughter.

Drama Festa: Off Route first teaser Summary

Why did the groom not show up on the day of the wedding, and what kind of mean expression on his face?
According to the production team, the first teaser video was released to mark the beginning of the departure. The couple, who had nothing but were happy, broke up on the day of their wedding, and the bride faces an unexpected truth as she travels with her mother,” he hinted, adding expectations to the interesting story.
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“Drama Festa” is a combination of drama and festival, and is the name of JTBC’s one-act drama brand that aims to present a variety of dramas regardless of material, genre, platform, format, and quantity.
“Drama Festa” is expected to start airing by March 15, 2021. watch the trailer below


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