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Ten 10 things to know about Kim So-Hyun

Kim So Hyun is one of the most popular arising actors in South Korea. Even though she is only 21 years old, she has a lot of experience in the world of acting, having worked extensively as a child actor. Kim is known for the various roles that she has played on the screen which have earned her a lot of popularity within South Korea and outside the country as well. know Kim So-Hyun better

At the age of 21, She has starred in more than 40 dramas and movies

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Kim so-Hyun starts acting at the age of 7. She debuts as a child actress in the 2006 drama “Drama City” Alongside Han Ji-min and others, She later received more roles in dramaland.
As of 2021, She appeared in More than 40 dramas and movies.

She has never dated anyone


That fact that Kim so-Hyun acted in much Romantic Drama like Radio Romance, The Tale of Nokdu, Love Alarm, and others, She once Revealed to Soompi that She has never dated anyone. “I had no interest in the opposite sex, There were a lot of people around me who were dating, but I didn’t have that time.” she said”
Due to her lack of experience in the romance department, she watches dramas to fully immerse herself in her role.

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Her Transformation from Child actress to adults roles.

Many child actors didn’t make it to stardom, but this talented actress doesn’t seem to be a problem for her. Unlike most child actors, the change to adult actor doesn’t seem to be a difficulty for her. “ I enjoyed continued success by simply focusing on the role that was given to me, She said”

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She doesn’t think she’s a workaholic and grabs every opportunity.

Despite her long list of acting Roles, Kim So-Hyun doesn’t think she’s a workaholic, Rather She grabs any opportunity and plays every role She wants.
Convinced from her Recent drama “River where the moon rises” Kim So-Hyun is playing three character As assassin Yeom Ga-jin, Princess Pyeonggang and Queen Yeon.

Currently, working with New Agency “Culture Depot

On January 15, E&T Story Entertainment officially released a formal statement announcing that the actress would be leaving the agency after working with them for four years.
She is currently working at “Culture Depot”.

Kim So -Hyun Bucket list

Kim So-Hyun
  • Apart from her profession, Kim So-Hyun is a very vibrant person and loves to have new experiences. She wants to go to college and says that while staying at home education was a wise choice, she wants to interact with more people of her age in college.
  • She is planning to study acting in college, as she openly says that she still has to learn a lot about the skill.
  • Kim So-Hyun loved to host and hosted many awards, Apart from acting, she also loved host and has hosted many major Korean award functions such as Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2015 and the KBS Drama awards in the same year.

She is the youngest Korean actress to reach 10 m followers

Having worked extensively as a child actor, With a long list of acting career, Kim so-Hyun has become the youngest South Korean actress to gain 10 million followers on Instagram at the age of 21.

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She will return as jo jo in love alarm 2

Fans will be delighted to know that she’ll return to Netflix on March, 12th 2021, for Love Alarm’s second season. The drama focuses on the Love Alarm app which can determine if someone nearby is falling in love with the user.

her Instagram update

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Her Childhood picture



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