Daebak Real Estate unveiled a mystery promotion poster.

“Daebak Real Estate” launching poster captures the mystery and suspicious box in one cut. Please pay close attention to the “Daebak Real Estate” with warmth in its chills.

KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday series “Daebak Real Estate” unveiled “promotional Posters,” which gave a chilling thrill and strong impact.
The Drama which is written by Ha Hae-jin, Lee Young-Hwa, Jeong Yeon-seo, and directed by Park Jin-Seok, is a life-long retreat in which a licensed real estate agent team up with a con artist specializing in exorcism to fight against evil spirits and untold stories.
Starring Jang Na Ra as Hong Ji-ah, Jung Yong Hwa as Oh In Beom, Kang Hong Suk as Chief Heo, the series is capturing the attention of viewers.

Daebak Real Estate

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Above all, it is expected to open up a new world of Korean occult that has never been seen before with the transformation of acting as charismatic exorcist Hong Ji-ah, and the role of Jung Yong-Hwa as an ungrateful exorcist, and the meeting of screenwriters Ha Soo-jin, Lee Young-Hwa, Jeong Yeon-seo, and director Park Jin-Seok, who directed “School 2017,” “Naked fireman” and “others.”

Daebak Real Estate 1

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The poster featuring a panoramic view of suspicious real estate, which is the center of the “Daebak Real Estate” worldview, is drawing attention as it first appeared. In the middle of the night when the darkness fell, only ‘Daebak Real Estate’ turned on the sign and lit up the dim lights on the trail. Vines swirl around a shabby real estate building, which seems to have been left unattended, creating a sense of insanity, and a mysterious shadow reflected in the upstairs window touching the end of the vines leaves questions.
In particular, as the entrance to the deserted real estate is lit and appalled, the doorplate reads “Business hours: Sunset to Sunrise” as if it were the “specialized in the sale of haunted houses,” suggesting that it will open its business in the dark. Attention is focusing on whether “Daebak Real Estate,” which welcomes Won-gwi and Ji-Bak-ryeong, will become a wannabe for customers who want to leave 365 days a year, or what spectacular things will happen in “Daebak Real Estate,” which will become a fortress of exorcism.
The launching poster is the first source to promote ‘Daebak Real Estate’, so the mystery and suspicious feeling of the drama are put in one cut so that viewers can feel it,” Said the production Team, adding, “We ask for your attention to ‘Daebak Real Estate’, which will be visited by a story with warmth in the chills.”
Meanwhile, the new series “Daebak Real Estate” will premiere on April 14 (Wednesday).
Photo Credit = KBS 2TV

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