Park Seo-Joon Vogue Korean Cover Pictures…. a global trend.

Korean actor Park Seo-Joon pictorial of ‘Vogue Man Hong Kong’, his International Recognition continues to rise.

In addition to selecting advertising models for global brands, it has continued to be a global trend by decorating covers for foreign magazines. On the afternoon of the 30th, the agency Awesome ENT said, “Park Seo-Joon decorated the cover of the first issue of the fashion magazine ‘Vogue Man Hong Kong’.”
Park Seo-Joon created a new mood pictorial with unique charm and sophistication. The cover image overwhelms the eye with its classic yet unique aura. In another pictorial released together, he perfectly digested a costume with a subtle pattern, and sensuous facial expressions and gestures are penetrating black and white pictorials and giving off a strong presence.

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Park Seo-joon Vogue Korean
Park Seo-Joon Vague

Netizens who have seen the pictorial are showing enthusiastic responses such as “There is no concept that doesn’t suit,” “Full sense even in the pictorial,” “Working hard visuals,” and “Park Seo-Joon’s beauty peak season these days.”

Park Seo-Joon, who is expanding his influence beyond Korea to foreign countries, has been selected as a model for SK Magic Malaysia following Philippine news agency “SMART” and Indonesian online commerce platform “Bali,” and continues to receive hot love calls from overseas advertising circles. Also, it is rumoured that one year after JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” ended, he is still calling the interest of Overseas Company, asking for interviews in various countries, including Japan, Indonesia and Italy.

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Park Seo-joon is currently meeting with viewers on tvN’s “Yoon Stay,” and has announced his appearance in two films, “Dream (Wednesday)” and “Circuit Utopia (Wednesday).” Expectations are high for Park Seo-joon’s future moves, who is active in various fields such as movies, dramas, and entertainment.


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