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Mouse episode 9 recap

Mouse episode 9 recap

There is turmoil both with “Lee Seung-gi” Jeong Ba-reum and Lee Hee-Joon” Go Moo-chi, “as the drama continues to twist and turn along the psychotic road.
Right as Jeong Ba reum sends a picture to Bong Yi to check if he’s the doctor who operates on him, as soon as she confirms that he’s the guy who did his surgery, Ba-reum is full of Questions. How did Han Seo Joon get to operate on my brain? and why? He said. he quickly removes his phone to search on “Head hunter murder case”
Jeong Ba-reum watch the flashback of Han Seo-Joon murders case on his phone as he was trying to find out the reason behind his killing’s. after series of memories recall of Yoo-Han and lots of thoughts and investigation Ba-reum get meaning of the letters found on the dead body of “Head hunter murder case” as “Subject of experiment”?

however, he is not sure of his final answer wondering why will Han Seo Joon experiment on humans? he needs to find the evidence to claim, therefore he recalls asking the doctor who claims to operate on him if It’s impossible for brain damage to make you more sensitive to smell, while the doctor says that could happen If the olfactory bulb in the frontal lobe is replaced. oh really? A frontal lobe…? could this be what happens to me? “my thought” having lots of thought on his head ba- reum recall a memory which he belives is Yo Han memories, what on earth did he do to mouse’s head?
he recalls “A nasty brain has been placed in this mouse. “A nasty brain”? If you let it live, you’ll end up like that rat snake. Is that what you want? this memory whose Jang Ba-reum is remembering vividly which made me contemplating if it’s actually his childhood memory. however, he remembers Han Seo Joon telling him that he has changed compared to before while ko mo-chi asking him if he spends some time in a psychopath’s brain?

Jeong Ba-reum meet again with Han Seo-Joon in prison

What is this feeling? “asking his self” That’s why I’ve been remembering… Sung Yo Han’s memories. At the prison, Ba-reum asking Han Seo-Joon if he Implanted Sung Yo Han’s brain inside his head, Is that what you did to me? he asks. looking at how furious Ba-reum is, Han Seo-Joon smirks at him and said “You figured it out faster than expected… which reduces the fun. “Head Hunter.” About that nickname people gave me.

I actually quite like it” So you took their heads after killing them too…Ba-reum asks angrily.

Jang Ba-reum

“I even cut open the heads when they were still alive. Everything was perfect. Both the killings and my experiments I was on the verge of a major breakthrough… until that young boy…My life came to this because of that boy. Han Seo-Joon further tells Ba-reum not to look at him like that, because he took few human heads to benefits mankind, according to him every achievement required minor sacrifices, and thanks to them you were able to survive your head injury. ba-reum Strongly denied his claim.

Han Seo-Yeon

Leaving for revenge detective Go Moo-chi takes a measure by accepting the killing of Woo Jae Pil to get on Han Seo-Joon, he wants To be incarcerated in the same prison with Him to able to kill him. Go Moo-chi friend and colleague didn’t believe that he killed Jae pill he always worried me, but he eventually crossed the line. Go Moo-Chi friend tell Choi Hong-Ju, he kept pushing her away because he intends to kill Han Seo Joon and become a murderer himself, he tells her Moo-Chi was so determined to keep her out of the problem he might create, and he made the decision on the day he was going to ask her out.


Mouse episode

Meanwhile, Han Seo-Joon as a doctor then’s not that popular but then he starts killing his patient, he was take off the surgery that was meant for him, because one of his professors Dr. Gary is investigating him in secret, suspecting the death of his patient Emma, whose Nobody thinks she died by medical accident the think he killed her. well, that is actually the fact.
Han Seo-Joon is afraid of the mask he is wearing not to comes off, he uses his scheme to attack Dr. Gary and make Dr. Daniel popular, he clear all the obstacles that are trying to blocks his killing obsession, Gosh. thanks to that, Gary, who was suspicious of him, ended up leaving the hospital. And after that, no one suspected him…
Dr. Daniel believes that Han Seo -Joon really help him by recognizing him at the event, thanks to that he got a call from the school asking him if he will like to study genetics, and also get his degree there. he brings a gift of mice to him. all this is a flashback narrated to Ba-Reum by Han Seo-Joon.

Mouse episode 9

Their conversion took longer than expected, he tells him a lot about himself and the whereabouts of his experimental lab. meanwhile, Jeong Ba-reum paid a very special visit to someone. he was very furious to find out that she is the one that asks Han Seo- Joon to operate on him. she briefs him about his brain after the incident… and why Han Seo- Joon Have to operate on him, though she did not trust him, he’s the last hope they have, she even
goes on kneels to beg him since she CAN’T guarantee his freedom after the surgery as he requested. yet official Jung’s was not happy with her decision.

Did you really believe saving me would do that for him? Why did it have to be Sung Yo Han’s brain though? official Jungs ask”

She further explains “Transportation issues prevented us…from using the brain we had prepared Just then, we were told that Sung Yo Han died of respiratory arrest. So with the consent of his father Han Seo Joon”.
Ba-Reum tells her what she did is a crime by accepting a criminal as a next-of-kin, he didn’t believe all she said rather he think she uses him to stay in power. because if I die, it’ll hurt her chances at the upcoming presidential election he walked out of the house.

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Ba Reum! meat Bong-Yi as he was coming, he is trying to tell her something came up… she cut him through by asking Did Mr. Moo Chi really kill that murder? OH! he really doesn’t have an idea of what is going on.
What do you mean? Detective Ko killed whom? immediately he called Ms. Choi. to find out what is happening. again Jang Ba-reum now uses his Smart brain to solve the case it was later revealed that Jung Man Ho is the killer of Jae-Pill, a soon as Jae-pill admitted killing park Hyun soo, Jung Man Ho decides to kill to avenge his daughter, Moo-Chi was later released from police custody.

Mouse recap

Ms. Choi. meet with Ba-Reum, she thanks him for finding the culprit, but he believes Detective Ko will resent him lots. when she meets Mo-Chi drinking he was very angry and opens off to her for the first time, he asks her Why she pretends she didn’t know anything…when he asked her to help him find Han Seo Joon’s son?
Were you worried I might harm your boyfriend? If you cared about me even the slightest bit, you never would’ve dated that murderer. HE SAID Why did it have to be Sung Yo Han? There are tons of other guys in this world. But why him of all people? What made you fall for him so much?”


According to her she saw a similarity that’s why she is attracted to him, Mo-Chi was very angry at her, he asks her to Get lost as she is ruining his mood.
back to the police office, Official Jung seems lost as he was drawing something on the notepad he seem terrifying as take a look at he is drawing….Ahh….. very scaring he rushes back home, looking at a photo of himself in kindergarten, he said As I suspected, it wasn’t me, They aren’t my memories, but Sung Yo Han’s.

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Bong-yi went to the police officer looking for Ba-Reum as she reaches there he already left, they tell her He didn’t seem well, so the boss told him to go home. Ba-Reum is overwhelmed in the thought of Sung-Yo memories when Detective Ko, ring the bell, ba-reum ask what are you doing here at this hour? wooo the have serious fight then Ba-Reum hit Go Moo-Chi on the ground, he was hitting his head spilling blood, boooom then someone enters she looks like Bong-yi….

Mouse episode 9 opens a serious twist for the drama characters.
Why did you think Jae-pill admit the killing of both park Hyun soo and Soo Jin when there is a possibility of Park Hyun Soo being alive?
why did it seem to me that Park Hyun-Soo is Ms. Choi?
Is Jang Ba-Reum turning into a monster?
all this question will be answered in the NEXT EPISODE OF MOUSE.


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