Ha Jun Drama List And Profile

Ha Jun image
  • Known for: Acting
  • Also known as 하준, 송하준, Song Ha-Joon, 嘏俊, Ha Joon, Song Ha-jun
  • Birthday: April 03, 1987
  • Movie Acting Roles: 6
  • Tv Roles: 6
Ha Jun acting roles
2021The Outlaws 2 as Kang Hong-seok
2020Festival as Kyung-man
2020Missing: The Other Side (12 episodes) as Shin Joon Ho
2020Remain as Jun-hee
2020SF8 (1 episode) as Seo-nang
2019Black Dog (16 episodes) as Do Yeon-woo
2018Bad Papa (32 episodes) as Lee Min-Woo
2018Radio Romance (16 episodes) as Kim Joon-Woo
2017Drama Stage (1 episode)
2017The Outlaws as Kang Hong-seok
2016The Boys Who Cried Wolf


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