Rivers where the moon rises Episode 17 preview, unveiled The presence of New King

A tense conflict between Kwon Hwa-woon and Kim So-Hyun, the new king in “river where the moon rises” episode17 preview increases the viewer’s expectations of the remaining episode.

Rivers were the moon rises Episode 17 preview,

KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Rivers were the moon rises” is a fictional historical drama romance that revived the story of Princess Pyeong-gang (Kim So-Hyun) and General On-dal (Na in-woo) as a drama that everyone knows. Expectations are growing for the second half of the drama, which has only four episodes left until the end of the show.

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Meanwhile, the production team of the series reveals, on 10th April said that “Yeongyang,” (played by Kwon Hwa-woon) will appear from the 17th episode, which will air on April 12, drawing attention. The short footage of King Yeongyang in the preview released at the end of the 16th episode has already drawn keen attention from many viewers. The appearance of a new king has raised questions about how this new grown-up character will affect the story of the “River where the moon rises “.

The still cut, which was also released, features King Yeongyang, who has grown into a manly adult. King Yeongyang, the 26th monarch of Goguryeo, was one of the Ming soldiers who won the war against the Sui Dynasty and ruled a wide territory. The unapproachable charisma that seems to be the resurrection of the king of nutrition in history overwhelms the eyes.

Pyeonggang, wearing armor, stands in front of King Yeongyang. The spark splashes in the eyes of each other, creating intense tension. Pyeong-gang, who cared for her younger brother, Prince Tae-Ja, and Yeong-yang, who followed his sister well. It is curious why the two are confronting each other so tightly.

Rivers were the moon rises Episode 17 preview,

Also drawing attention are the expressions of the newcomers, Sa Un-am (Jung Wook), Kim Pyung-Ji (An Shin-woo), and Jin Pil (Cha Kwang-soo), who look at the confrontation on the day of siblings. What is happening in Goguryeo? How will the appearance of King Yeongyang change the fate of Pyeonggang and Ondal? I’m looking forward to the 17th episode of “Rivers where the moon rises,” which is running toward the second half.

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said the production team “Kwon Hwa-woon will appear as the king of nutrition who ascended to the throne of King Taewang, adding more interest to the drama’s development. We ask for your attention to the story of the second half of the “Rivers where the moon rises,” in which new conflicts and stories will be rife.

Meanwhile, Kwon Hwa-woon, the newly joined king of nutrition, can be seen in the 17th episode of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Moonrise River.”


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