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Navillera Episode Two Recap and Review

Navillera: Episode 2 recap


After a strong and intriguing opening episode, Chae-rok will Become a baller teacher to Deok-Chul, definitely, it won’t be easy for Deok-Chul, to be a baller but he’s very determined to achieve his dream.  

Navillera: Episode 2 recap and review


Episode two opens with Chae-rok standing beside his teacher, as he’s been appointed Deok-Chul’s ballet teacher. That’s not all—Seung–Joo has also decided that Chae-rok needs a manager and Deok-Chul is the man to do it. While Chae-rok freaks out, Seung-Joo ignores him and tells Deok-Chul his duties are to make sure Chae-rok is practicing, taking care of himself, and to report back if Chae-rok does anything foolish. Deok-Chul immediately vows to do his best as Chae-rok lets out a frustrated shout. Seung-Joo and Chae-rok carry their argument over into Seung-Joo’s office and all Deok-Chul can do is listen in uncomfortably. When Chae-rok stubbornly refuses to teach, Seung-Joo gives a choice: return to the School of Dance or leave.

Chae-rok finally gives in and agrees to teach on one condition: Deok-Chul has to maintain a sus-sous (a ballet form) for one minute–and has one week to prepare. Seung-Joo protests that the move is too difficult for him to master in a week, but Chae-rok doesn’t back down, and Deok-Chul eagerly agrees. He sounds confident but from the way he grips his bag strap, that might be a bluff.

Eun-ho and Seong-san have dinner together, and he lays out a path for her future starting from the internship she’s currently in. She balks a little at the way he’s writing out her life goals, but he’s frustrated that she’s not being ambitious enough. The conversation gets derailed by the arrival of Seong-san’s wife (and Eun-ho’s mom), Ae-ran. When nagged about why she’s late to dinner, she shocks them by saying she had been at a job interview.


Chae-rok wakes up for the day and writes himself an encouraging message on a sticky note, which he then posts on his fridge. It joins a large collection of messages from his parents, all encouraging and expressing love for Chae-rok. Then his Dad is seen settles into his new job, as a sort of resident guidance counselor at a rural school. Chae-rok unexpectedly visits Sori but he’s mostly there to complain about Seung-Joo and the fact that he’s appointed Deok-Chul as his manager and pupil. He wonders if Seung-Joo doesn’t believe in him or trust him.

Sori points out that Chae-rok hasn’t been improving and that Seung-Joo was already a principal dancer at his age. Everyone called Seung-Joo a ballet genius back then, but there were hard work and conviction behind that genius. So the question is, what sort of ballet does Chae-rok want to do?


Deok-Chul visit his younger son per his wife request, san-seon took a picture with his father and send it to his phone, Deok-Chul advice his song to tells Hae-nam that he’s happy with his current work, often reaching home he sees the eldest son who is disappointed with the fact that his wife Ae-ran go for an interview at his worked company, then Deok-Chul points out that Ae-ran worked at that company too, twenty years ago, and perhaps she’d wanted to go back all this time. Deok-Chul also advises Seong-san to leave his wife be because she’s free now. Seong-san notices the exercise equipment then and asks his dad if he’s been exercising. Deok-Chul denies it and emphasizes his point by saying that all he does is breathe.


It’s D-day and Chae-rok starts the timer as Deok-Chul strikes a sus-sous. He beings to wobble just seconds in but he looks determined. In a flashback to his first day as postman Deok-Chul memorize the entire neighborhood address, it may seem impossible but achieved it, Still possing the sus-sous holding his position, Deok-Chul’s breathing is trembling and sweating with twenty seconds left on the clock. Both Seung-Joo and Chae-rok were surprised delighted at Deok-Chul’s ability, while Chae-rok looks on in horror as the timer runs out and Deok-Chul passes!


Chae-rok is not happy but he was surprised by the fascinating pose of Deok-Chul, he asks if Deok-Chul was an athlete when he was younger, lol. The two attract stares since Deok-Chul calls Chae-rok “sir” and uses formal speech with his much-younger teacher. Chae-rok tells his student to cut it out and expresses bewilderment that someone so old would want to learn ballet all of a sudden. Deok-Chul confides that he would like to perform on stage in Swan Lake, even though he knows it’s a distant dream. Chae-rok laughs as he leaves but Deok-Chul has a question for him: Where can he buy ballet clothes?


After a successful shopping trip, Deok-Chul tries on his new clothes and likes what he sees. He’s nearly caught by Hae-nam but he manages to evade suspicion (for now) and stashes his clothes in a hiding place. He texts a thank you message to Chae-rok…and Chae-rok crankily vows that he’ll make Deok-Chul quit within a month. True to his word, Chae-rok starts Deok-Chul off with an intense stretching regime. Deok-Chul can barely walk straight at the end of the session but he’s in good spirits. Once their lesson ends, Deok-Chul puts on his metaphorical manager hat and shadows Chae-rok.

While eating together,  Chae-rok notices the manager notebook, which is where Deok-Chul’s been keeping all of his Chae-rok notes. Chae-rok grumps about the notebook’s contents, especially the part where Deok-Chul calls him cranky. He said that is not his character, while Deok-Chul said that he is shouting during the training section, but Chae-rok states that he was only cranky because of how bad Deok-Chul was, whereas Chae-rok has always been good even when he was a beginner. Instead of getting snippy, Deok-Chul exclaims that Chae-rok is amazing and that he was touched the first time he saw him dancing. This gives Chae-rok pause, but then he’s back to his old self and he abruptly gets up to see his doctor.


Lol, Deok-Chul introduces himself as Chae-rok’s manager, he writes down anything the doctor said and promise to make Chae-rok follow his advice, Deok-Chul guesses that Chae-rok back seem a little bit unhealthy and the doctor confirms his guess. they discuss what should be done about his back and knee issues. Chae-rok shouts that he doesn’t need anything, why? but he does take the tissue Deok-Chul offers when he runs out of toilet paper in the bathroom 🤦‍♀️.

Deok-Chul’s very dedicated and detailed when taking notes about Chae-rok, much to Seung-Joo’s amusement, but he hasn’t quite won over Chae-rok yet. He doesn’t make much progress in getting to know Chae-rok better, but he does learn the basics: that Chae-rok lives alone with his dad living elsewhere, and that his mom has passed away. However, Deok-Chul’s attempt at a bonding moment, sharing that both of his parents have passed, falls flat.

Our dancing warrior Deok-Chul struggles with pain through the night when his wife asks where he’s having the pain he strongly denies it, I personally thought he will forget his managing job, but Even when hurting all over, he still remembers his work and gives Chae-rok a morning wake-up call. Lol, he’s a Good Manager.

Back at the restaurant, Eun-ho gets into an altercation with a customer demanding something that’s no longer on the menu. He throws napkins in her face and demands it anyway. No one steps up to help her–until Chae-rok comes over and asks the customer to leave. When the customer refuses rudely, he resorts to report and scare him that the recorded video of him throwing a napkin on Eun-ho’s face and kicks him out.

Eun-ho thanks Chae-rok later, but he scolds her, saying that she shouldn’t be such a pushover because it impacts the other workers. Eun-ho snaps and she fires back that she must succeed no matter what. He has no idea what it’s like for people like her, so he should just shut up. After work, neither one can stop thinking about the altercation.

Back to the dancing hall, The ballet lessons continue and Deok-Chul seems to be enjoying himself immensely. He’s getting stronger and he dances and goes into ballet form at every chance. Chae-rok is still annoyed by him, but he has gained two fans at the studio in the form of Anna the pianist, and Kwon Bom, a ballet dancer. As the days pass, Deok-Chul starts to adopt Chae-rok’s wardrobe too, which annoys Chae-rok to no end. But from the tiny smile, he hides after one of their lessons, it’s clear there’s an affection growing.

Meanwhile another morning call from Chae-rok manager Deok-Chul even on a Saturday. However immediately after the called from Deok-Chul He gets another call, from a restaurant owner asking him to take on a delivery shift as a favor. He starts making a delivery, but when he makes delivery at a billiard hall, he runs into  Ho-bum. Ho-bum sneers and tells Chae-rok that he seems to be living well, but Chae-rok makes it back to the restaurant without further incident.

Back at the restaurant, he runs into another issue–Deok-Chul happens to be eating there. They’re surprised to see each other, and Deok-Chul immediately threatens to tattle to Seung-Joo. He gets worked up over Chae-rok riding a scooter, and bans Chae-rok from doing further deliveries because a ballet star can’t risk injury to his person. Deok-Chul decides to do the deliveries himself and amazes Chae-rok and the restaurant manager when he zips off and successfully completes delivery after delivery. Chae-rok asks Deok-Chul again if he was an athlete in the past and Deok-Chul simply responds that he was a postman.

As the final delivery arrives the customer asks for chae-rok, Perhaps he senses something is up, Chae-rok volunteers to go and sure enough, Ho-bum is there waiting for him. Once again, Ho-bum and crew refuse to pay, and this time Ho-bum throws his chopsticks right in Chae-rok’s face. Chae-rok says that despite Ho-bum’s comments that he’s been living well, he hasn’t been. So Ho-bum should pay up. Ho-bum advances on Chae-rok and grabs him, saying he’s dead meat. But then a voice calls out Chae-rok’s name, and both boys turn and see Deok-Chul taking in their standoff.

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