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Navillera Episode 3 Recap and Review

Navillera: Episode 3 recap

Coming up against Family Difficulties and crisis of morality by his children Deok-Chul Never give up his dream of becoming a ballet.

Navillera: Episode 3 recap and review

Episode 3 Starts where episode 2 ended at the billiards hall, Ho-bum is ready for a fight with Chae-rok, but it won’t happen in Deok-Chul’s eye. Deok-Chul rushes towards the room and pulls the boys apart. Looking confused, Ho-bum asks Deok-Chul who he is to butt in, and he busts to laughs as Deok-Chul revealed to be Chae-rok Manager. Ho-Bum sarcastically talks back at Deok-Chul, he said Chae-rok and Deok Chul make a perfect team, he asks if Deok-Chul knows Chae-rok’s father is ex-convict for assault, “his remarks he beat ho-bum off and now ho-bum blamed Chae-rok. Then Ho-Bum hold Chae-rok by the collar, he asks him to dance on Billboard before he will pay for his food, besides Deok-Chul come between them, instead, he Challenges Ho-Bum to bet on a game of billiards: if Ho-bum wins Deok-Chul will dance, if Deok-Chul wins Ho-bum has to apologize to Chae-rok. The games end in favor of Deok-Chul, and  He assures Ho-Bum that “Chae-rok is going to soar like an eagle.” Ho-bum stares at him, horrify, while Chae-rok listens from the doorway, hidden from sight The two ride bikes together in heavy rain, while Ho-bum watches from the window as they drive away together, vowing that he’ll break Chae-rok’s wings and stop him soaring.

Seung-Joo and Chae-rok trouble 💖

Meanwhile, Seung-Joo is frustrated about Chae-rok’s lack of focus, he is at Sori’s place playing the piano, Seung-Joo threatened to send Chae-rok back to school, Sori laugh and tells Seung-Joo that Chae-rok does the kind of ballet Seung-Joo always wanted to do. Even if Seung-Joo can’t perform himself, he can nurture Chae-rok and bring that style of ballet into the world through him, for that he can’t send him back.
Back to dancing Studio Seung-Joo Scold Chae-rok for working another part-time job, he questions Chae-Rok Commitment to ballets and tells him to figure out his priority, Bom and Anna try to intervene, also Deok-Chul starts to interrupt and Seung-Joo Angrily yells at him before realizing who he’s speaking to and apologizing profusely. He goes into his office to get away from the spectators, Chae-rok muttering “traitor” at Deok-Chul as he follows.

In his office, Seung-Joo asks Chae-rok why he thinks he asked him to teach Deok-Chul. He says that he couldn’t care less about whether Deok-Chul learns ballet, he’s just using him to try and change Chae-rok, but if he’s not willing to change then it’s a waste of everyone’s time for Deok-Chul to be there. Standing outside Deok-Chul can hear what is being said and is hurt by Seung-Joo’s words, Chae-rok promised to work hard while Seung-Joo asks him to practice alone.


Looking hurt Chae-rok and Deok-Chul have lunch together at the cafe, though he’s hurt by Seung-Joo’s words, Deok-Chul is written down Chae-Rok routine on his manager book. Chae-rok goes to work at the restaurant after practice. Se-jong says that Ho-bum might come back Chae-rok doesn’t mention that they’ve had another run-in already and tells Chae-rok to be confident if he sees him again. Chae-rok remembers Deok-Chul standing up for him and telling Ho-bum it wasn’t his fault, and looks confident.

Back to the restaurant “Navillera Episode 3 Recap and Review”

Chae-rok open doors for Eun-ho who is holding things in her hand, She was very surprised to see a new side of Chae-Rok, he also help her when a customer finds out they have no reservations as a result of her mistake, Chae-Rok apologizes on her behalf. Later in the day Eun-ho thanks Chae-rok and he apologies for his behavior, telling her that he understands her because he feels passionate about ballet and will react the same way if he’s asked to stop learning.

Deok-Chul And Hae-nam Drama

Skip down to Deok-Chul home his wife, Hae-nam find out his ballet dress hanging up to dry, She quickly remembers Him washing socks in the bathroom. when he gets home she confronts him and he comes out clean to her, he tells her that he is learning ballet and she is very angry. She’s not happy with him learning ballet at the age of 70th, consequently, Deok-Chul is, unstable, at the training center. He tells Chae-rok that his wife finds out he is learning ballet and she is strongly against it. Chae-Rok Advice him to have confidence, he took a picture of Deok-Chul in position at the barre and tells him to send it to his family and stop hiding. Chae-rok encourages him to be bold; he deserves to put himself first for once. Deok-Chul shares the photo in the family chat. Ae-ran is in awe, but everyone else just looks stunned…

Navillera Episode 3 Recap and Review

How will Deo-Chul face his Dramatic Family.? And his self Centre elder Son.

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