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Navillera Episode 4 Recap and Review

Navillera: Episode 4 recap

Former postman dream of being a ballet, finally he’s been able to work on turning his dream into reality. finding out his family is less interested in his dream Deok-Chul has to give up before trying.

Navillera: Episode 4 recap and review

Episode 4 starts with a Family meeting at Deok-Chul’s house. Shortly after Deok-Chul posted a picture Ha-nam furiously calls him Home. His two eldest Children are completely against him, and Seong-san calls an emergency meeting to discuss the issues. “But, why will they decide for him, instead of aiding his dream”?
Looking down to Deok-Chul’s house, he is getting ready to go home, and chae-rok gives him a “fighting” he asks him to be confident. All Deok-Chul family gather but Eun-ho is not there. Hae-nam, Seong-san, and Seong sook are wholly against their father learning ballet, while Seong-san thinks are humiliating Seong-sook worries about him getting injuries.
However, Ae-ran, Seong-Kwang, and Seong-sook’s husbands think Deok-Chul has the right to determine for his life, Seong-Kwang didn’t see why they called family meeting over that and leave.

Chae-rok and Seung-Joo at the ballet studio

Meanwhile, at the ballet studio, Chae-rok and Seung-Joo discuss which piece he should dance for the upcoming competition. Seung-Joo wants to go with something safe, but Chae-rok chooses Don Quixote. It’s flashy with a lot of jumps and despite some reservations over how Chae-rok’s knees will handle it.


Deok-Chul goes shopping for ballet Clothes, there he tells Chas-rok Hae-nam is really mad with him, she won’t even talk to him. Chae-rok explains that she’s in stage two. In his experience, a man telling his family that he’s going to do ballet leads the family to go through something like the five stages of grief: denial, anger, compromise, depression, and acceptance. He comforts Deok-Chul and says it gets better. It seems to help cheer Deok-Chul a bit, and he makes a purchase…but forgets to take his shopping bag with him.


It’s understandable how Deok-Chul and Chae-Rok get closer to one another, later after there training section end, Chae-rok tell Doek-chul he’s preparing to enter a competition, and Deok-Chul quickly writes it down in his notebook and mark it with a star. Back to manager Mode, Deok-Chul asks Chae-rok Doctor into taking care of him, he persuades him to look at the work like he’s taking care of a national athlete. It works, and the two ignore a sulky Chae-rok, to make plans for an early morning check-up.

At the restaurant, Eun-ho overhears Chae-rok’s giving notice to the manager when she returned her thesis which she translates into English. Eun-ho wishes him well and she asks him if an aged man can start learning ballets? Chae-rok tells her that he knows an old grandpa who is pursuing ballet, so her grandpa can do so. After works Eun-ho gets a text from her manager to reverse her thesis and promised to give her a good evaluation.

Deok-Chul And Hae-nam Drama

Hae-nam is still not talking to Deok-Chul and its weight on his enough to distract him through training. Deok -Chul loses focus, and dip in the thought of his situation and end up hurting his back during the training. As a result of that Chae-rok ends the lessons for the day. Chae-rok and Deok-Chul walking their way home, they run into Seung-gwan after introduction Deok-Chul asked to go on the arrival of their bus. On the bus Seong-gwan asks Chae-rok to take care of their father, later on, the day Seong-san visits the ballet Studio He rudely asks that Seung-Joo kick Deok-chul out, calling ballet humiliating. Seung-Joo refuses and gives as good as he gets. He tells Seong-san that he might get a performance to invite soon as Deok-chul might even be performing. Chae-rok wonders over to “accidentally” spill water on Seong-san.

Ask Deok-Chul to Go Home and struggling to put a pain Patch on Hae-nam help him, in a good manner she reminds him of how much she and her children have to give up because of his financial crisis, yet the children were able to grow up well. Hae-nam reasons that they couldn’t give their children wings, so at least they shouldn’t be a burden to them now. Deok-chul agree to give up ballet

The next morning in the middle of eating his cereal, Chae-rok realizes something he didn’t get a wake-up call from Deok-chul. At the same time, Seong-sook and Young-il bring hiking jackets for Hae-nam and Deok-chul to go hiking with them. Hae-nam notices that Deok-chul is lost in thought as they try to engage him. although Deok-Chul is not happy, he’s able to follow them hiking, on his way to hiking, Chae-rok gives him a called to find out where he is, Deok-chul tells him that he will not be able to do it anymore” later at the studio Deok-chul absence is felt by everyone.

Hae-nam approval on Deok-chul ballet lessons

Out of all Deok-chul Children Seong-san is the biggest problem he is totally against his father training, he thinks ballet dancing is an embarrassment, he asks his mother if Deok-Chul stop going to the Studio, although she assures that his father didn’t go to the ballet studio instead the went to hiking today, he insists on coming by after work.
Deok-chul is still unhappy, staring into space as if he’s mourning for something, That evening while Hae-nam is out grocery shopping, Deok-chul goes to get rid of his ballet clothes, but decides to try them on one more time when Seong-san walk-in at the moment and is furious. He wonders if he’s lying to his mother when he still training in secret. Seong-san is very angry, he Yells at his father telling him how he has given up a lot for him and his siblings, but Deok-chul lives comfortably while Seong-san has carried all the burden. Exactly at the moment, Hae-nam arrives home and hears that last sentence, and it’s enough to change her mind. She hits Seong-san over the head with her bag of groceries and says, “How dare you!” She enlightens her son on how much of a burden Deok-chul carried for the family. She apologizes that they couldn’t give him much but defends Deok-chul, saying that he worked so hard and that Seong-San grew up well so Deok-chul has nothing to be sorry for. “Why does our son’s success have to make us feel small?” she asks. Hae-nam sinks to the floor crying, and Deok-chul is choked up… Hae-nam finally gives Deok-chul permission, instead, she asks him not injured himself. “Happy happy?😁”

As Deok-chul heads back to the studio Everyone is delighted to see him back, their mood is shifted back to normal, not to talk of Chae-rok who is joyous than anyone.

The Dramatic Gift of Deok-Chul to his Granddaughter.

Deok-chul asks Chae-rok to do him a favor, and then we cut to Deok-chul pointing to his very old car (named Boong Boong). The car has been decorated with a few red bows, and Chae-rok is supposed to drive it and park it so it “stands out” to the person he’s going to gift it to. Chae-rok seems shocked over having to drive such a piece of junk and says he’s barely driven, but then the Chae-rok is actually trying to drive.
“Who is getting this special gift? We learn that (boong boong) is accident-free for over 30 years”

Chae-rok drives the car as they reach their destination, It’s a miracle they make it to their destination, it’s Eun-ho’s workplace. Deok-chul presents “boong boong” to his granddaughter, as his gifts while Chae-rok is struggling to drive the car towards them.
He comes out of the car very angry, to his surprise it’s Eun-ho that getting these dramatic gifts. All three are shocked that they know each other. Deok-chul seemed happy though, and when cranky Chae-rok insists they are colleagues, not friends, Deok-chul says they should be friends instead, at which point they exchange an awkward greeting. Eun-ho then asks her grandfather what is the real gift is, Chae-rok, the car, or both — which prompts a giggle from Deok-chul. It’s obvious Deok-chul wants Eun-ho and Chae-rok to get close, it’s night and Eun-ho takes her new car home. When Seong-san ask why she driving her grandfather’s car she said it was a gift from him.

The next morning Eun-ho gets an angry call from her father,( oh she lost the job ) Eun-ho madly walks straight to the restaurant, meets her manager, and challenges her why she has C while others get A. Eun-ho says that”you promised to evaluate me when I help you with your thesis.” Eun-ho getting tearing and angrily says she works hard and did her best on the evaluation, so she wants to know why she scored C . all this is happening in the presence of Chae-rok and Deok-Chul.

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