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Hwang In-yeop Cast on Netflix’s upcoming drama “The Sound of Magic”

Actor Hwang In-yeop has confirmed his appearance in Netflix’s original drama “The Sound of Magic” and continues his trend.

Netflix’s original series “The Sound of Magic” is an emotional music drama featuring the meeting between Yoon-I, a girl who has become an adult too early, and Lee Eul, a mysterious magician who wants to remain a child even as an adult. The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name by Ha Il-Kwon and Director Kim Sung-Yoon of drama “Itaewon Class” has already drawn public attention.
Hwang In-yeop will play the role of ‘Na Il-Deung’ in ‘An-Nara-Suma-Nara’. “Night No. 1” a Su-Jae, who was immersed in studying without knowing how to interact with others. However, Hwang In-yeop colourful charm, which was not seen in his previous work, is already expected to be revealed as he opened his eyes to the fun of magic with Lee Eul (played by Ji Chang-wook) and Yoon-I (played by Choi Sung-eun).

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It was through JTBC’s drama “18 Again” in 2020 that Hwang In-yeop gains recognition for his role as Goo Ja-sung, a school bully and the counterpart character of Stan, portrayed by Hunter Parrish in the original film. Hwang rose to international prominence for his role in the 2020–21 tVN romantic-comedy series “true Beauty“. His popularity is expected to continue his momentum in 2021. After successfully finishing his first lead drama, “True Beauty,” he was cast in the original Netflix drama “The Sound of Magic”

Attention is focusing on whether Hwang In-yeop, who is gradually accumulating colourful filmography, will be able to receive entertainment streaming services that can raise global awareness following the small screen.




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