A date between Han Ye-seul and Kim Han Ye-seul of “Revolutionary Sisters” has been spotted

The 14th episode, which aired on the 2nd, may surpass its own highest ratings by recording 24.7% of the nation’s ratings based on Nielsen Korea and 28.1% of the second part, and is firmly maintaining the top ratings among all programs aired on the same day.

In the 14th episode, Lee Kwang-sik (played by Jeon Hye-bin) and Han Ye-seul (played by Kim Kyung-nam) shared their first kiss and exploded their excitement by secretly meeting on the rooftop and enjoying sweet moments.

However, Na Pyun-seung (Son Woo-hyun), who witnessed the two friendly people, suddenly stormed in and punched him. The two, who took their twins to look for their mum Na Pyun-Seung, were seen secretly taking pictures of the two.

Preview of Episode 15 “Revolutionary Sisters”

In the 15th episode of “Revolutionary sister,” which will air on the 8th, Lee Kwang-sik and Han Ye-Seul will be depicted completing the “Family of Four Shot” at a sauna with twins.
The released photos show Lee Kwang-sik and Han Ye-seul, who were tracking the babies Mummy, visiting the sauna with twins. Lee Kwang-sik, dressed in the same costume with Han Ye-sul and twins dressed in bright yellow clothes are joined together, reminiscent of a happy family.

Moreover, Lee Kwang-sik and Han Ye-seul, who used to put their twins to sleep side by side, are lying side by side and making a big smile on each other’s faces.Attention is focusing on whether Kwang-sik and Ye-seul, who had been struggling with difficult events, can achieve a pink romance.

On the other hand, the scenes of Lee Kwang-sik and Han Ye-Seul’s “One Family Date” were filmed swiftly due to the two nice characters. The two poured out various opinions during rehearsals to portray a harmonious and close-knit twin.

In addition, the two, who had been trying to combine various gestures, showed off their fantastic teamwork by exploding natural ad-libs and realistic sly acting as if through telepathy when the shooting began.

According to the production team, Jeon Hye-bin and Kim Kyung-nam took care of the twins carefully throughout the filming, making them laugh endlessly. “The positive energy of the two is vitalizing the scene,” they said. “Please look forward to Kwang-sik and Ye-Seul’s cosy date that will make the sunny and warm spring day even more pleasant.”


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